Bacteria for Aerated Septic Systems
by Roebic

If you are looking for bacteria and enzymes for your septic tank,® is here for you. Roebic Air-O-Paks contains patented RoeTech 106PS® bacteria cultures which are able to degrade fats, grease, soaps, oils, and many chemicals in the septic tank environment.

Roebic Air-O-Pak RoeTech® Bacteria

Air-O-Paks are water soluble packets of highly concentrated RoeTech bacteria for use in aerated septic systems, package systems and other aerated wastewater system. These bacteria digest proteins, fats, oils, grease, soaps and chemicals found in cleaning products and work with both the settling chamber and aeration chamber of the aerated units.

The convenient 8 oz. (240 gram) packets dissolve quickly for easy application simply by flushing them down a toilet. Two packets should be used to start up a typical 1,000 to 1,500 gallon aerated system. Maintenance treatments consist of one packet every few months for odor free, trouble free system performance.

bacteria aeration treatment
  • Highly concentrated water soluble RoeTech® bacteria is for use in aerated septic systems, package systems and other aerated wastewater systems.
  • These bacteria digest grease, soaps, proteins, fats, oils, many chemicals found in cleaning products and it works with both the settling chamber and aeration chambers of the aerated units.
  • The Air-O-Pak bucket includes 4 individual 8-ounce packets (total of 32 ounces of digesting bacteria) which are flushable down the toilet.
  • The manufacturer recommends for startups to use two packs. Flush one down the toilet and then repeat with the second pack.
  • For regular maintenance, just flush one pack down the toilet every three months.
    • Helps prevent drain and septic back ups and reduces odors.
    • Easy to use packs that dissolve in water
    • Contains unique patented RoeTech® bacteria!
Air-O-Pak RoeTech® Bacteria Single 32oz. Bucket - $18.56
Air-O-Pak RoeTech® Bacteria Four 32oz. Buckets (1 Case) - $134.93
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Roebic K-37 Granular Septic Tank Treatment

Properly functioning septic tank systems allow bacteria to decompose solid waste materials and allow proper liquid flow to the septic tank lines. Solid waste can prematurely build-up when the biological balance is broken because harmful household chemicals, detergents, pharmaceutical products or excessive amounts of water are allowed to flow into the septic tank. Solid waste build-up can cause main drain line back-up leading to premature septic tank pumping. Or, in extreme cases, cause solids to reach the liquid side of the tank ultimately causing leach line clogs.

Granular septic tank treatment packet
  • Contains patented bacterial cultures to promote rapid breakdown of solids which reduces odor, scum, and sludge - ultimately improving septic system efficiency
  • Keeps your septic tank working at peak performance
  • Restores the natural bacteria balance
  • Helps prevent main line and leach line clogs
  • Helps prolong the need for septic tank pumping
  • Simply pour the contents of one packet into the toilet and flush
  • One 12 oz packet treats up to 1500 gallons
  • Utilize twice a year for optimum septic tank balance
K-37 Granular Septic Tank Treatment Single 12oz. Bag - $10.23
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is the enzyme count per ounce?"
A. As this product is a bacteria based product, there is no enzyme count available.

Q. "What type of bacteria is in the K-37 septic tank treatment?"
A. K-37 contains 15% to 25% non disease causing Bacillus and Pseudomonas strains attached to a wheat bran base. Sodium bicarbonate comprises the other 75% to 85% of the compound to help stimulate the breakdown of acids and odors.

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