Video Pipe Inspection

By Rothenberger

Rothenberger offers the same high quality in their line of video pipe inspection systems as they do in their excellent selection of pipe threaders.

ROCAM® Camera Cordless Sonde Locator

This ROCAM® Camera Cordless Sonde Locator Features:
  • High-tech problem solving at its finest
  • This exceptional tool can help you locate problems underground before digging an inch of dirt!
  • Locate water lines, sewer lines, live power lines, inspection camera transmitters, or other various devices used for tracking underground piping

You've heard it said a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case a picture could be worth a thousand dollars! It's best to know where pipes and electrical power lines are before you trench rather than find them while your trenching. This cordless Sonde Locator is multi-functional allowing the user to locate live power lines without the use of a transmitter.

The ROCAM® Camera Sonde Locator can be used with the The ROCAM® camera systems or other brand cameras with transmitters or it can be used by itself to find underground electrical lines as long as the electrical lines have power to them. If you need to locate water or sewer lines then some type of transmitter must be present in order for the sonde locator to find the signal.

The Sonde Locator head has weather proof membrane push buttons, including an on/off button, a frequency selector, a depth measurement button, and adjustable gain control buttons providing quick and easy display information as you need it. The gain control buttons regulate the strength of the receiving power. As the underground camera/transmitter is lowered further underground the gain will need to be increased in order to read the signal.

This ROCAM® Sonde Locator powered by 6 "C" sized batteries (included) is able to locate signals from transmitters down to 10 feet underground in cast iron pipe. Normal battery life expectancy is 40 hours continuous use and 82 hours of intermittent use. Display indicators indicate low battery, signal strength, mode and function, frequency setting, and an LCD bar graph scale to show the gain level.

Very lightweight and easy to use this Sonde Locator is 30.3" x 9.4" (77 cm x 24 cm) in size. The frequency input can be set for 512 Hz, or 33 kHz for the accurate tracing of pipe cameras with transmitters. or other sonde devices. The 50/60 Hz frequency locates live utilities without the use of transmitters. There is also a Radio Frequency range of 14 kHz to 30 kHz that can detect low voltage like cable TV lines. An audio indication sounds when the locator hones in on the transmitter or sonde and the variable pitch becomes faster the closer the locator gets to the correct location.

#69001 ROCAM®Cordless Sonde Locator = $2,251.11

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is a sonde?"
A. A sonde (rhymes with pond), is a type of instrument or device for testing physical conditions that automatically transmits information about its immediate surroundings. Normally used underground, underwater, below the earth's surface, in the atmosphere, inside the human body, and other areas that cannot be directly accessed physically to collect information.

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