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Get your dream showerhead from®, and drench your stress away! If you can afford it, why settle for less than a gloriously elegant Elephant shower head? Certainly not everyone can afford this shower head, but if you can, we think you'll be very happy with your decision to purchase this soothing, extra large rain-style shower head.

Due to state mandated low-flow restrictions, these shower heads cannot be shipped to customers in Colorado. To find other shower heads available for shipping to these states, please view our shower heads index

The Original famous "Elephant" shower head

8 inch shower head with shower arm shown in chrome

These elegant all brass shower heads are built to last. Our founder has enjoyed his for over 10 years. The 90 separate sprays are evenly spaced to provide a wonderful rain shower experience and are easily cleaned. With a good selection of finishes available, they are sure to add a touch of style to any bathroom décor.

Description Finish Price & Quantity
8" diameter solid brass showerhead ONLY
(head by itself, without arm/nipple, without escutcheon)
showerhead only - head is shown above
Chrome $277.07
Supercoat Brass $362.08
Matte Nickel* $354.11
Nickel $311.36
8" diameter solid brass showerhead
with extended arm and escutcheon
the shower arm is 15 1/4" long
complete as shown above
Chrome $361.14
Supercoat Brass $392.47
Matte Nickel* $352.36
Nickel $361.41
8" diameter solid brass showerhead
with straight ceiling arm and escutcheon
the ceiling arm (nipple) is approx 4" long
Chrome $289.32
Supercoat Brass $415.10
Matte Nickel* $404.39
Nickel $323.68

*Face of the showerhead is polished nickel; the rest of the product is matte nickel.

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Note: this head is heavy, please be sure that your fitting in the wall is in good shape.

Because of the MANY nozzles you might notice slight/tiny "imperfections" that can't be avoided

This designer showerarm is often requested by our customers for it's unique shape and length. With standard connections and a 15-1/4" reach, it works with almost any showerhead, but is particularly well-paired with large, rainfall shower heads to create a truly luxurious feel in your bathroom.

Extended 15-1/4" S-Curve Shower Arm ONLY -

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do you sell any showerheads that completely shut off water flow?"
A. No, and we are not aware of any showerheads that have the ability to completely stop water flow. With your shower valve still open and the showerhead completely closed, it is possible for hot water to force itself into the cold water line. Once the showerhead is opened again, only hot water flows for a moment, creating a risk of scalding. Showerheads are normally manufactured to dribble a small amount and prevent this from occurring.

Q. "How many nozzles (holes) does the "elephant" showerhead have?"
A. Approximately 90.

Q. "Can I make this shower head into a non water saver and what are the specifications?"
A. In the U.S. it is not legal to make any brand or type of shower head into a non water-saving shower head using more than 2.5 gallons per minute (even if you prefer to take short 30 second showers - compared to long 30 minute showers). The specifications for the super shower heads above deliver 2.5 gallons per minute at 60 PSI (that is the legal maximum for all shower heads in the U.S.). Many showerheads will leak or fail if the restrictor is removed because they are not designed to handle a higher flow. We cannot legally suggest (nor even hint or imply) to you that it is "ok" to make these heads into non water-savers. We cannot, and will not, recommend that anyone violate any Federal energy conservation rules/laws.

Q. "Does the showerhead I ordered swivel, or do I need an additional part for it to do so?"
A. It is rare for a showerhead not to have a swivel feature unless its position adjustment is in the shower arm or it is a "flat" model that is meant to be installed parallel to the floor. With the exception of those mentioned, some industrial models and most hand showers, standard-style showerheads generally come with a built-in swivel feature.

Q. "I have a lot of white scale on the tips of my current shower head. Do I need to buy a new one?"
A. If you have a good shower head that you are happy with (such as the Elephant head) and it has quality chrome plating the odds are very good that you can easily get rid of much of the white scale. What our founder does with his shower head is take a thick plastic bag (like a big ziplock bag) and fill it with vinegar. Then he hangs it over his shower head (immersing the shower head in vinegar) and puts some tape around the top of the bag (over the shower arm) and lets the vinegar bag hang there overnight. Then in the morning he takes the bag off and much of the scale will have broken off. Sometimes he needs to do that a few nights in a row. He's always careful of the vinegar of course as it is acidic. Our founder has used the same shower head for over 10 years using this method and believes that this method can work on almost any quality brand of brass shower head.

Customer Testimonials

I want you to know I priced one in a fancy upscale plumbing store here in Lexington, Kentucky. I got it from you at 1/4 the price. Also, my shower head is larger and nicer than the one I saw at my (wealthy) client's home where I first saw the oversized head. A friend here who owns a health club also has one she paid almost $500.00 for it. I have shown it to two friends who said they never have seen one that large outside of Germany! Also your service is great. I will shop with you in the future."

- Barbara E. Cook, Lexington, Kentucky 50502-2165

Please note that every customer testimonial shown on our pages has given us written permission to quote them. Our customer's privacy is very important to us so we will never give, share or sell contact information or e-mail addresses to anyone!

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