Evolve ShowerStart Hot Water Saving System

The Evolve ShowerStart System makes your warm shower wait for you by automatically slowing your shower to a trickle once the water reaches 95° F. Just turn on your shower, and once the water reaches 95° the The Evolve ShowerStart System will slow the water flow down to a trickle. Then when you're ready for your shower, simply flip the lever and the Evolve ShowerStart will restart the full normal flow and pressure of your shower head.

Don't waste time waiting for your shower to get warm - let Evolve ShowerStart do the waiting for you!

showerstart system
The Evolve ShowerStart features:
  • Does not restrict flow or pressure
  • Lowers utility bills - prevents expensive hot water
    from running down the drain before you get in the shower
  • No inconvenience, no sacrifices, no change in your morning routine
  • No need to go back and see if your shower is ready; when the flow is interrupted, you know it's ready
  • Anti-lime protection prevents lime buildup inside the system
  • Easily installs on 1/2" standard shower arms
    • Simply twist the Evolve ShowerStart onto your shower arm
    • Screw your shower head into your Evolve ShowerStart system
    • When you are ready to shower twist the lever
    • Start saving water and money every time you shower
  • Chrome shower arm and escutcheon sold separately
  • Please note, this device is not an anti-scald device
Please note: Due to low-flow regulations, these shower heads cannot be shipped to California, Colorado, or New York.
Macaw Handshower
Evolve ShowerStart with Macaw Handheld Shower Head - Brushed Nickel
Rain/Champagne/Massage/2 Combos
2.5 GPM
Brushed Nickel - $39.95
Enter a quantity and
Water Lily Shower Head
Evolve ShowerStart with Water Lily Shower Head - Brushed Nickel
Rain/Massage/Combo Sprays
2.5 GPM
Brushed Nickel - $34.95
Enter a quantity and
Panda Shower Head
Evolve ShowerStart with Panda Shower Head - Chrome
Single Rain Spray
2.5 GPM
Chrome - $29.95
Brushed Nickel - $29.95
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Does the Evolve ShowerStart completely shut off water flow?"
A. No, it reduces the flow to a trickle saving you hot water and money.

Q. "Do you sell any showerheads that completely shut off water flow?"
A. No, and we are not aware of any showerheads that have the ability to completely stop water flow. With your shower valve still open and the showerhead completely closed, it is possible for hot water to force itself into the cold water line. Once the showerhead is opened again, only hot water flows for a moment, creating a risk of scalding. Showerheads are normally manufactured to dribble a small amount and prevent this from occurring.

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