Quality Antique Brass Showerheads

An elegant finish and sleek design makes this beautiful, solid brass shower head a cut above the rest. Presented in a classic finish, these Antique Brass shower heads will provide a nostalgic touch to your bathroom décor. PlumbingSupply.com® is pleased to add this attractive shower head to our extensive inventory of unique, hard-to-find styles and products.

Designer Antique Brass Shower Heads
Deluxe solid brass construction - very high quality / heavy duty shower heads

Description Price & Quantity
Retro #3 Deluxe Solid Brass Showerhead $56.11 Enter a quantity and

Please note: Due to low-flow restrictions, these shower heads cannot be shipped to California, and only the Retro #3 can be shipped to Colorado or New York.

Antique Brass Shower Arm
A basic decorative escutcheon is included with each shower arm

Decorative antique brass showerarm

Description Price & Quantity
6" Brass Shower Arm & Escutcheon $12.37 Enter a quantity and

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