Winslet Series Tub and Shower Systems
by Symmons®

Winslet tub and shower system installed
Winslet towel ring installed

Symmons is one of the industry leaders when it comes to functional design, and the Winslet line is no exception. The old English country cottage feel with smooth curves and clean lines, provide an amazingly stylish yet practical shower system that will enhance your home and bathroom décor. Beautiful finishes, options, and accessories will make your dream bathroom come to life.® is proud to offer these gorgeous tub and shower products as well as thousands of other plumbing-related products.
The tub/shower systems on this page are compliant with California Energy Commission water efficiency standards

Winslet Tub & Shower System with Diverter

Chrome plated Winslet tub/shower system model S-5102
This Winslet tub/shower system features:
  • Traditional style complements vintage and old-fashioned bathroom styles
  • The Symmons Temptrol pressure balancing mixing valve eliminates "shower shock" from flushing toilets
  • Adjustable stop screw limits handle turn for even greater scald protection
  • Diverter built right into the pressure balancing valve for more compact installation
  • Integral volume control lever for a clean look
  • Generous 5-3/4" shower head has a soothing rain spray and water-saving 1.5gpm flow rate
  • Uniquely curved 7-1/8" non-diverter tub spout
  • ADA compliant
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Includes pressure balance valve with built-in diverter, valve trim, shower head, shower arm, and tub spout

Winslet Tub/Shower System S-5102
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Winslet Shower & Handshower System with Diverter

Winslet shower/handshower system
This Winslet shower/handshower system features:
  • Luxury two head shower system with superior protection from scalding
  • Versatile system is ideal for curbless or open showers
  • Generous 5-3/4" shower head with brass ball-joint fits standard 1/2" shower arms and features full rain spray
  • Handheld shower with 90° fixed wall supply and 5 ft metal hose lets you rinse with ease whether standing or sitting
  • Scald protection provided by the Temptrol pressure balancing mixing valve
  • Showerhead and handshower both have a water-efficient flow rate of 1.5gpm
  • ADA compliant
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Includes pressure balance valve, diverter valve, valve trim, stationary shower head, shower arm, hand shower, 5 ft. flexible metal hand shower hose, in-line vacuum breaker, 90° fixed wall connection, and wall cradle for the handshower

Winslet Shower/Handshower System 5105
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Winslet Deluxe Handshower Kit

Model 512HSA hand held shower, shown in chrome
This handshower features:
  • Deluxe handshower kit lets you quickly and easily add a handshower
  • Handspray mounts directly to the showerarm, meaning you don't need a separate water supply elbow or to drill any holes in your shower wall
  • Available in three designer finishes
  • Single spray handshower for a soothing rain shower feel
  • Includes handshower, 5' flexible metal hose, shower arm & flange, threaded shower arm connection with cradle for mounting, and inline vacuum breaker
Winslet Deluxe Handshower Kit 512HSA
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Winslet Handshower Kit - 512HS

Model 512HS hand held shower, shown in chrome
This handshower features:
  • Complete kit lets you add a handshower to your bathroom for comfort and convenience
  • Handspray mounts to water supply elbow, saving you space in smaller showers
  • Available in three designer finishes
  • Single spray handshower for a soothing rain shower feel
  • Includes handshower, 5' flexible metal hose, wall connection with cradle for mounting, and inline vacuum breaker
Winslet Handshower Kit 512HS
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Winslet Widespread Bathroom Faucet

WaterSense symbol WaterSense Certified
Winslet bathroom faucet
This Winslet bathroom faucet features:
  • Coordinating widespread faucet brings the elegance out of the shower and into the rest of the bathroom
  • Durable metal construction and 1/2" IPS connections will last for years
  • Handles can be mounted from 8-16" centers to fit nearly any bathroom sink installation
  • Braided supply hoses included with faucet to help ease installation
  • Water-saving 1.5 gpm flow rate
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Winslet Widespread Bathroom Faucet SLW-5112
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Winslet Shower Valve with Diverter

Tub/shower Winslet series valve and trim in chrome
This shower valve features:
  • Clean lines with traditional detail for sophisticated style
  • Add on to your existing Winslet suite shower or upgrade an old valve and trim
  • Shower valve and trim only allows you to mix and match with your favorite showerhead and/or tub spout
  • Durable metal construction that is built to last
  • Uses the Symmons Temptrol pressure balancing mixing valve with adjustable stop screw to limit handle turn
  • Built-in diverter for tub/shower or shower/handshower combinations
  • View Winslet series 5100TS dimensions

Winslet Shower Valve with Diverter S- 5100TS
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Winslet Series Components

Model 512SA shower arm, shown in chrome
Winslet Shower Arm with Escutcheon - 512SA - 9-7/8" length
Polished Chrome - $64.20
Satin Nickel - $90.90
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is the quality of Symmons products?"
A. Since the 1930's Symmons has provided superior engineering, and solid workmanship in every product. Product manufacturing, assembly, and handling are subject to strict quality control and only the highest quality materials are selected to ensure durability for years to come.

Q. "How do pressure balance valves prevent scalding?"
A. Pressure balance valves help prevent scalding by compensating for changes in pressure on the hot or cold supply lines. When water use elsewhere in the system causes the pressure of either the hot line or the cold line to fluctuate, like when a toilet flushes, the internal piston in the Symmons Temptrol pressure balance shower valve adjusts automatically to instantly and continually equalize or "balance" the hot and cold water pressure. This keeps the water temperature consistent, so you don't have to worry about shocks of ice cold or burning hot water.

Q. "How does a pressure balance valve work without a volume control?"
A. Pressure balance valves, are basically on/off devices - the water is all on or all off; there is no in-between. To turn the valve on, you shift the lever. The farther you turn the lever, the warmer the water gets, but it's always at full flow.

Q. "Why would you want to limit the handle turn on a pressure balance valve?"
A. A pressure balancing valve will prevent you from being scalded if someone flushes a toilet since it keeps the ratio of hot to cold consistent. However, if someone shoves the handle all the way to the "all hot" position, there's virtually no cold water tempering the hot water. If your water heater is set very high, or if members of your household have sensitive skin, this can be an accident waiting to happen. For this reason, these pressure balance mixing valves have a stop screw that will allow you to set the maximum hot to cold ratio, effectively setting the maximum temperature. To take advantage of this feature, simply rotate the knob to set the water to the hottest that you'd ever want out of the shower, then turn the set screw until it bottoms out. This prevents the temperature knob from turning past the position you selected, effectively limiting the maximum temperature allowed from that valve.

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