Custom Shower Components

by Gerber® (formerly Danze®)

The all around style and excellent craftsmanship of these Gerber® custom shower components come in the latest decorator finishes and are unparalleled in quality and value. Let us at® be your authorized retail source for these beautiful Gerber products.

Not sure which kind of valve you need? Read our guide to pressure balance vs. thermostatic shower valves

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I noticed the shower valve says 'with stops,' what does that mean?"
A. "With stops" means that valve includes shut-offs for the water line so you don't have to shut off water to the entire house to work/repair parts on the shower/tub system.

Q. "What is a thermostatic shower?"
A. Thermostatic refers to temperature. A thermostatic control valve is a device which mixes hot and cold water and compensates for variations in the temperature.

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