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Symmons Products
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Are you looking for a shower system, bathroom faucet, kitchen or bar faucet, or even commercial or institutional fixtures? Symmons offers an impressive selection of products for all of them. Their value-priced, quality products are built to last! A true leader in the manufacture of high quality plumbing fittings since 1939, Symmons continues to expand and provide the superior caliber products you've come to expect.

Looking for repair parts? We have a HUGE selection of parts for your Symmons tub, shower, lavatory, or kitchen faucet!

Symmons Tub, Shower & Handshower Systems

Allura Collection

Allura complete tub, shower, and handshower system
Allura tub/shower set
Allura shower/handshower set
Allura shower system

Allura handshower set
Allura tub/handshower system
Allura tub filler

Canterbury Collection

Canterbury tub, shower, and handshower system
Canterbury tub/shower system
Canterbury shower/handshower system
Canterbury shower

Canterbury handshower
Canterbury tub/handshower package
Canterbury tub filler

Carrington Collection

Carrington tub, shower, and handshower system
Carrington tub/shower system
Carrington shower/handshower system
Carrington shower

Carrington handshower
Carrington tub/handshower package
Carrington tub filler

Degas Collection

Degas tub, shower, and handshower system
Degas tub/shower system
Degas shower/handshower system
Degas shower

Degas handshower
Degas tub/handshower package

Dia Collection

Dia tub, shower, and handshower system
Dia tub/shower system
Dia shower/handshower system
Dia shower

Dia handshower
Dia tub/handshower package

Duro Collection

Duro tub, shower, and handshower system
Duro tub/shower system
Duro shower/handshower system
Duro shower

Duro handshower
Duro tub/handshower package

Elm Collection

Elm tub, shower, and handshower system
Elm tub/shower system
Elm shower/handshower system
Elm shower

Elm handshower
Elm tub/handshower package
Elm tub filler

Identity Collection

Identity tub, shower, and handshower system
Identity tub/shower system
Identity shower/handshower system
Identity shower

Identity handshower
Identity tub/handshower package

Lucetta Collection

Lucetta shower/handshower set
Lucetta tub filler

Museo Collection

Museo tub, shower, and handshower system
Museo tub/shower system
Museo shower/handshower system
Museo shower

Museo handshower
Museo tub/handshower package

Naru Collection

Naru complete tub, shower, and handshower system
Naru tub/shower system
Naru shower/handshower system
Naru shower system

Naru handshower
Naru tub/handshower system
Naru tub filler with handshower

Origins Collection

Origins complete tub, handshower, shower set
Origins tub/shower system
Origins shower/handshower system
Origins shower system

Origins handshower set
Origins tub/handshower system

Oxford Collection

Oxford complete tub/shower/handshower package
Oxford tub/shower system
Oxford shower/handshower set
Oxford shower system

Oxford handshower
Oxford tub filler

Safetymix Commercial Collection

Safetymix complete tub, shower, and handshower system
Safetymix tub/shower system
Safetymix shower/handshower system
Safetymix shower system

Safetymix handshower
Safetymix tub/handshower system

Sereno Collection

Sereno complete tub, shower, and handshower combination set
Sereno tub/shower system
Sereno shower/handshower system
Sereno shower system

Sereno handshower set
Sereno tub/handshower system
Sereno tub filler with handspray

Temptrol Commercial Collection

Temptrol complete tub, shower, and handshower system
Temptrol tub/shower set
Temptrol shower/handshower system
Temptrol shower set

Temptrol handshower
Temptrol tub/handshower system

Unity Collection

Unity tub, shower, and handshower system
Unity tub/shower system
Unity shower/handshower system
Unity shower

Unity handshower
Unity tub/handshower package

Visu-Temp Classic Collection

Classic Visu-Temp complete tub, shower, and handshower system
Classic Visu-Temp tub/shower system
Classic Visu-Temp shower/handshower system
Classic Visu-Temp shower system

Classic Visu-Temp tub/handshower system

Visu-Temp Collection

Visu-Temp complete tub, shower, and handshower set
Visu-Temp tub/shower set
Visu-Temp shower/handshower system
Visu-Temp shower

Visu-Temp handshower
Visu-Temp tub/handshower system

WaterDance Collection

WaterDance tub/shower system
WaterDance two wall body spray shower system
WaterDance two wall shower system

Winslet Collection

Winslet tub, shower, and handshower system
Winslet tub/shower system
Winslet shower/handshower system
Winslet shower

Winslet handshower
Winslet tub/handshower package


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is the quality of Symmons products?"
A. Since the 1930's Symmons has provided superior engineering, and solid workmanship in every product. Product manufacturing, assembly, and handling are subject to strict quality control and only the highest quality materials are selected to ensure durability for years to come.

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