Commercial Grade Reel Rinses
By Fisher

Proudly made in the USA
Reel rinses, typically used in restaurants, allow water to be easily accessible, but with the faucet out of the way, for pre-rinsing and cleaning. These units are wall mounted, allowing you to install them nearby work areas without cluttering the workstation itself.
reel rinse # 2980# 29801
reel rinse # 29661# 29662
reel rinse # 2985# 75221
Model Description Price & Quantity
29801 Exposed Reel Rinse with 30' hose & Ultra Spray Valve $1,093.33 Enter a quantity and
29662 Under Counter Reel Rinse with 20' hose & Ultra Spray Valve $674.55 Enter a quantity and
75221 Stainless Steel Covered Reel with 30' hose & Ultra Spray Valve, Wall Mount $2,582.33 Enter a quantity and

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