Oasis Versacooler II Barrier-Free Water Coolers

Filtered (VersaFilter) Drinking Fountains By Oasis

Oasis has an excellent selection of water coolers, drinking fountains, chillers and accessories. Their VersaCooler® II series offers unsurpassed convenience and accessiblity in a wide range of options - filtered, non-filtered, refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and vandal resistant. These units are designed to be user friendly, efficient and durable, all while maintaining a stylish composure. ADA compliance, when properly installed, ensures a safe and enjoyable fountain visit for all. Antimicrobial push pads help prevent the spread of germs.
Refrigerated filtered fountain with copper push pads
These fountains feature:
  • ADA Compliant when installed properly or according to manufacturer regulations
  • Stainless steel top with heavy duty galvanized steel frame for long-lasting performance even in the most high-traffic environments
  • Tough, long-lasting powder coated finishes to suit the overall style of your facility
  • Available in single units or universal split-level units which can be mounted with the low side on the right or left so you don't have to choose at the time of ordering
  • Adjustable activation system with 4 antimicrobial copper push pads designed to help prevent the spread of germs
  • Built-in 100 micron strainer prevents particles from entering waterway and extends the life of your unit
  • High efficiency cooling tank & coil provides 8 gallons per hour of chilled drinking water
  • 2014 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act compliant
  • Optional: High-performance, NSF certified VersaFilter system helps remove chlorine taste and odor, contaminants, and sediment
  • View detailed specs and dimensions
Model Description Sandstone Finish Stainless Steel Finish
PGF8AC Single Level Filtered Drinking Fountain $1,065.06 Not Available
PGF8ACSL Split Level Filtered Drinking Fountain $1,724.27 Not Available
PG8AC Single Level NON-Filtered Drinking Fountain $903.50 $1,000.95
PG8ACSL Split Level NON-Filtered Drinking Fountain $1,518.97 $1,628.98
033879 Replacement Filter Cartridge for VersaFilter System $64.03
Due to size/weight and to ensure safe delivery, certain items ship by truck and have an additional shipping fee per freight item.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does 'universal' mean?"
A. Split level units can now be mounted with the low side on the right or left instead of having to choose at the time of ordering.

Q. "How long does the filter cartridge last?"
A. The filter cartridge will last approximately 6 months to a year. It depends on the water quality that is being filtered and how often the filter is used.

Q. "How many watts, volts, and amps is the chilling unit?"
A. It is 115 volts (standard domestic current) and 4.8 amps operating.

Q. "Are these water coolers available in any other finish?"
A. Yes, but you must contact our sales department and special order them.

Q. "Is the 'electric eye' battery (DC) or electric (AC) powered in the sensor operated models?"
A. They are AC powered and operate on 115 volts current.

Q. "Do these water coolers comply with Texas Accessibility Standards?"
A. Yes.

Q. "Do these units come with mounting hardware?"
A. Yes.

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