Slimline Bedpan Washing System

By Sloan

Sloan is a leader in the manufacturing of commercial products known for providing smart, clean and sustainable restroom solutions. The bedpan washing systems shown below are just a small example of the quality craftsmanship the Sloan company is known for. Let® be your source for Sloan products, along with thousands of other plumbing-related products!

ADA Compliant Slimline Royal Bedpan Washers
Efficient - Compact - Versatile

  • Reduces hours and expense of operating and maintaining centralized bedpan washing unit
  • Thoroughly cleans and rinses bedpans in seconds
  • Fixed spray arm position helps prevent water from spilling onto the floor that can occur with hose sprays
  • Reduces chances of cross-contamination
  • Presents a leaner, more aesthetic installation, reducing possible bacteria growth on hidden and hard-to-reach surfaces found on the other bedpan washer units
  • Eliminates need for unsanitary hose sprays AND the additional housekeeping that hoses require, in additional to potential slipping by patients
  • Integral vacuum breaker simplifies water supply rough-in
  • First and only bedpan washer to incorporate patented one-piece construction body design, maintaining the spray arm in an upright position
  • Valve body, stop body, diverter body and diverter pivot made from brass casting using semi-red brass for durability
  • "O" ring design of pivot with counter balance spring provides long life and easy maintenance
  • ADA Compliant when installed correctly according to manufacturer

Model Description Price & Quantity
BPW-1100 Slimline Royal Bedpan Washer - Low Consumption 1.6 gpf $1,070.12
BPW-1150 Slimline Royal Bedpan Washer - Low Consumption 1.6 gpf
Offset flush tube and flush connection for clearance around grab bar installations

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Replacement/Repair Parts For Slimline Bedpan Washers
For Models BPW-1100 (Straight) & BPW-1150 (Offset)

Item # Description Price & Quantity
1 1-1/2" x 21-1/2" CP Vacuum Breaker $54.12
1-1/2" x 13-1/2" CP Vacuum Breaker
(ADA Height)
1-1/2" x 21-1/2" CP Vacuum Breaker
with 2" offset (for model BPW-1150)
2 Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit - (sold 1 each) $4.29
3 1-1/2" Slip Joint Coupling - Chrome $8.32
4 Diverter Valve Body $97.77
5 Wall Support Kit $55.40
6 Outlet Tube Gasket - for flanged tubes only $2.23
7A Outlet Tube - straight $14.73
7B Outlet Tube - with 1-1/2" offset
(for model BPW-1150)
8 1-1/2" Coupling Nut $5.80
9 1-1/2" Spud Coupling Assembly $20.69
9A See Slip Joint Gaskets and Rings Below
10 12" Spray Arm Replacement Kit $91.66
Short Spray Arm Replacement Kit - for use with #7B
(for model BPW-1150)
11 Spray Arm Repair Kit $10.44
12 Pivot Replacement Kit $79.45
13 O-Ring Piston - 2 required for repair (6 per package) $1.69
  Diverter Valve Assembly and 12" Spray Arm
includes: #3, #4, #8, #10 & #12
  Handle Assembly CP (ADA Compliant)
with Sani-Guard

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Bedpan Washer Diverter Rebuild Kits

Description Includes Price & Quantity
Diverter Rebuild Kit Outlet Tube Gasket (#6), Spray Arm Repair Kit (#11),
& all items in Pivot Replacement Kit (#12) except Pivot

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Item #9A - Slip Joint Gaskets & Rings

Size Description Price & Quantity
1-1/2" Red Friction Ring $0.42
Black Slip Joint Gasket $0.65
1-1/4" Red Friction Ring $0.49
Black Slip Joint Gasket $0.91
Rigid Seat (rubber over brass) $3.84
1" Red Friction Ring $0.49
Black Slip Joint Gasket $0.87
3/4" Red Friction Ring $0.49
Black Slip Joint Gasket $0.87

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