Commercial Restroom Hygiene Products
By Sloan Valve

If you are looking for dependable hygiene products that are also easy on the eyes, you'll find a great selection right here. Made by Sloan, an industry leader for many years, these restroom products are made to last. From soap dispensers to air fresheners, we here at® are pleased to offer a variety of Sloan choices. Looking for additional Sloan products? Visit our page.

Sensor Operated Deck-Mount Foaming Soap Dispenser

1750 Soap Dispenser
This Foaming Soap Dispenser Features:
  • Automatic foaming soap dispensing - simply place hands underneath unit to activate
  • Foaming soap lathers faster and rinses more easily
  • Hands-free operation helps prevent the spread of bacteria and keeps restrooms clean & sanitary
  • Low soap level indicator light turns on when soap level is low
  • Contemporary design & chrome finish complements any restroom
  • Single hole - deck mounted
  • LED light turns on when the unit recognizes a users hands, or blinks when batteries run low
  • Includes plug-in type 110VAC Adapter
  • View soap dispenser dimensions

Model # Description Price & Quantity
SJS-1750 Sensor operated deck-mount foaming soap dispenser Discontinued
SJS-1751 Foaming soap refill for Dispenser SJS-1750 - case of six (6) 1000mL bottles $104.74

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Soap Dispenser Refill Bottles

  The items below have been discontinued by the manufacturer. As a courtesy to our customers, we continue to offer the soap refill bottles.

  These soap refill bottles are limited to stock.

1000 Soap Dispenser
SJS-1000 Manual Liquid Soap Dispenser
1100 Soap Dispenser
SJS-1100 Manual Foaming Soap Dispenser

Model # Description Price & Quantity
SJS-1001 Foaming soap refill for Dispenser SJS-1000 - each 900mL bottles
SJS-1101 Foaming soap refill for Dispenser SJS-1100 - each 900mL bottles

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