Bidet Rinsing Handshower Kits & Accessories
By Jaclo

Add that extra little something to your bidet. This helpful handshower makes getting clean a breeze. Change your bidet experience from mediocre to marvelous with these wonderful handsprays from Jaclo, the premier name in hand-shower products for over thirty years.

Jaclo Classic Bidet Rinsing Handshower Kit

SH-B071 Bidet Handshower
Bidet Rinsing Handshower Kit Chrome & White - $89.05
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Jaclo All Brass Bidet Rinsing Handshower Kit

Bidet Handshower Kit, shown in chrome
The M74 bidet handshower features:
  • Brass power spray bidet kit installs easily near your existing toilet without the need for another large fixture in your bathroom
  • On/off trigger operation ensures the spray is off when not in use
  • 1/2" female inlet x 1/2" male outlet
  • Available in many designer finishes to match your existing fixtures
  • Complete kit includes:
  • Separate shut-off valve required when installing this item
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All Brass Bidet Rinsing Handshower Kit
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Jaclo Retro-Fit Bidet Control Valve

Retro fit bidet control valve
  • Easy installation allows you to retro-fit your existing toilet supply or nearby cold water supply valve with a bidet sprayer
  • Flow through design lets water continue to flow uninterrupted to toilet or sink when the sprayer is in use
  • Female inlet threads are special 3/8" UNS female compression threads allowing direct attachment to angle or straight stops with 3/8" OD compression outlets
  • Outlet threads are 1/2" IPS male tapered threads
  • Flow through outlet includes adapter to 3/8" compression male threads
  • Outlet to bidet fits standard shower hose or stainless steel braided flex
  • Available in many designer finishes to match your existing fixtures
  • Reliable, long-lasting 1/4 turn ceramic cartridge
  • Fits between your valve and supply line for easy maintenance access
Retro-Fit Bidet Control Valve
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Jaclo Durable Brass Bidet Rinsing Handshower Only

SH-B074 Bidet Handshower
Brass Bidet Rinsing Handshower
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Jaclo Bidet Wall Hook

WFL-8027 Wall Hook
The 8027 bidet hook features:
Bidet Wall Hook
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I understand what iron pipe size (IPS) means, but what does UNS thread mean?"
A. UNS stands for "Unified National Special" threads. The inlet threads on the Retro-Fit Bidet control valve are a special 3/8" compression female thread. The same female thread as a brass compression nut used on fittings for 3/8 outside diameter copper refrigeration tubing.

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