Soft Close Toilet Seats

Proudly made in the USA

Just as the name implies, these seats "close softly". They are easy-to-install, easy-to-clean and fit many standard toilets. We get several orders for these soft close seats every month, and they're quickly becoming a customer favorite!® is your source for thousands of innovative, quality plumbing and plumbing-related products.

Not Sure How to Measure For a New Toilet Seat? Find detailed information here!

These residential toilet seats have "easy close" hinges to help prevent the lid from slamming down.

Residential Plastic Seats With White Hinges
with easy slow closing lid and easy to clean, lift-off hinges

Description Price & Quantity
Round Front - White - View dimensions $60.56
Elongated Front - White - View dimensions $67.91

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Please note: While we strive to ensure every product we label as "Made in the USA" really is 100% made in the USA, it is also important to understand that sometimes manufacturers make changes to their products, or for various reasons may receive components or materials that they would normally purchase domestically from an overseas supplier - and they don't necessarily let distributors (like us!) know that they've changed something about the product or where it is manufactured.

If you receive a product that® says is "Made in the USA" and the product states it was manufactured elsewhere, please contact us. We will happily replace or refund your purchase to your satisfaction.

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