AccuMix Electric Tankless Water Heaters

by Eemax

proudly made in the USA
Eemax AccuMix II instant on-demand heaters only heat the water you use. Ideal for hand washing applications, the AccuMix is the perfect solution for single and multi-lavatory sinks in stores, restaurants, medical environments, office buildings, factories, and many other commercial applications. The first ever thermostatic temperature controlled heater with a code compliant mechanical integrated mixing valve. These units feature internal piping with fewer connections and simplified fittings which cut down on installation time.

AccuMix II Series Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Eemax AccuMix electric tankless water heaters
  • Provides on demand ENDLESS hot water with no delay
  • No storage capacity to deplete
  • Built-in ASSE 1070 mixing valve and thermostatic temperature control board provide accuracy for all of your hot water needs
  • Ideal for use with sensor or metered faucets
  • Digital LED display shows system status
  • Unique flow switch activates heater only when water is running
  • SafeStart™ technology helps avoid dry-firing the heating element
  • Glass reinforced heating chambers ensures optimum heat transfer and extends the life of the heating elements
  • Quick and easy installation using the integrated mounting bracket
  • ADA compliant when installed per the manufacturers specifications
  • 99% energy efficient reducing utility costs, helps prevents scalding or temperature spikes
  • Starts heating water with a flow rate of 0.3 GPM
  • Maximum factory set output temperature of 105°F (non adjustable) to comply with UPC 407.3 requirements
  • 0.5 gpm aerator included with each Accumix II™ water heater
  • AccuMix II™ heaters can be mounted up, down, or sideways
  • Super compact: 13-3/4" H x 5-1/4" W x 4" D

AccuMix II Heaters 3/8" OD Compression Fittings
Model Temp Rise
at 0.5 GPM (F)
Temp Rise
at 1.0 GPM (F)
Temp Rise
at 1.5 GPM (F)
Voltage Kw Amps Price & Quantity
AM004120T 48° 24° 16° 120V 3.5 29A $815.14
AM005240T 66° 33° 22° 240V 4.8 20A $904.34
AM007240T *105° 44° 30° 240V 6.5 27A $911.55
AM010240T *105° 65° 43° 240V 9.5 40A $925.88
AM012240T *105° 79° 52° 240V 11.5 48A $940.23
AM008277T *105° 55° 36° 277V 8.0 29A $834.71
AM010277T *105° 68° 46° 277V 10.0 40A $844.55

Please note: the maximum output temperature of these heaters is 105° F
* Thermostatically controlled to heat water up to 105° F

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are the AccuMix water heaters field adjustable?"
A. No. These units come factory pre-set at 105°F and are not adjustable from this pre-set temperature.

Q. "The AccuMix heaters specify the 'temp. rise' based on the GPM flow; what do you mean by this?"
A. Temperature rise is the amount the heater raises the temperature of the incoming water, based on the flow rate shown of that water.

Q. "Are all Eemax tankless water heaters designed to be hardwired?"
A. Yes, all Eemax electric tankless water heaters are designed for hardwire installation.

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