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In-Sink-Erator Badger 1 & 5 Disposer Parts® is your best source on the Internet for InSinkErator repair parts. InSinkErator brand products are "reliability with style." InSinkErator's commitment to quality service, performance and accessibility to repair parts makes them a great choice! The repair parts listed on this page are for use with the InSinkErator Badger 1 and Badger 5 model disposers (only difference is the motor).

Parts for Insinkerator Disposals - Badger 1 and 5
Description Price & Quantity
1 4310 Stopper (plastic)
more finish options
$10.92 Enter a quantity and
2 5170AC Flange, strainer
Replaced by 5170BE
more colors & designer finishes
$22.00 Enter a quantity and
3 1160 Seal, sink flange $1.52 Enter a quantity and
4 5150E Flange, backup $5.90 Enter a quantity and
5 5141 Flange mounting $7.37 Enter a quantity and
6 73258* Screw (1), backup
Replaces 5147
- Note: 3 screws required
$1.39 Enter a quantity and
7 5166 Ring, retaining $1.57 Enter a quantity and
8 70368 Gasket, mounting $13.43 Enter a quantity and
9 5298 Flange body $8.77 Enter a quantity and
10 3173DA Mounting assembly
(includes #2-7, #9)
$34.38 Enter a quantity and
11a 73193** Bolt, thru
for Badger 1 Model
$1.87 Enter a quantity and
11b 73193A** Bolt, thru
for Badger 5 Model
$2.01 Enter a quantity and
12 -- Enclosure assembly discontinued
13 2467 Centrifugal actuator assembly $4.11 Enter a quantity and
14 72555 Kit, installation
(includes #15-19)
Parts for Insinkerator Disposals - Badger 1 and 5
Description Price & Quantity
15 -- Washer, flanged discontinued
16 -- Washer, beveled discontinued
17 -- Nut 1-1/2" slip discontinued
18 -- Tailpipe discontinued
19 4577-A Wrench, emergency
(not shown)
$4.46 Enter a quantity and
20a 4068P Stator assembly
for Badger 1 Model
$68.42 Enter a quantity and
20b 3255AN Stator assembly
for Badger 5 Model
$68.59 Enter a quantity and
21 3706C Switch assembly, start $20.95 Enter a quantity and
22 2267BYZZ Overload, protector discontinued
23 00806-ZZ End frame assembly
Replaces 71875
(includes #24)
24 -- Screw, ground discontinued
25a 3622 Wire, shield $1.86 Enter a quantity and
25b 4134 Wire, shield $1.88 Enter a quantity and
26 72647A Cover, terminal assembly
(includes #27)
$3.75 Enter a quantity and
27 -- Screw, terminal cover discontinued
28 -- Bushing discontinued
29 -- Plug & chord discontinued
30 -- ICU booklet - (not shown) discontinued

* Requires 3 to complete unit - sold individually - order 3 or more of the same item for additional savings!
** Requires 4 to complete unit - sold individually - order 4 or more of the same item for additional savings!
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Disposer Cleaning Brush

Disposer cleaning brush
  • Scrub your garbage disposer quickly and easily to get rid of odor causing residues
  • Ergonomically designed T-handle allows for strong grip while cleaning the disposal
  • Works on most food waste disposal systems
  • Approximate dimensions 12" x 3.5"

Disposer Cleaning Brush = $7.72

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "My garbage disposer smells! Is there anything that I can do besides buying a new one?"
A. The quickest and easiest way is to use the Disposer Freshener we offer. Disposa Fresh® is a non-toxic mixture of natural citrus oils and gelatin. Run cold water and turn on the disposer to make sure the disposer is empty, and then turn the disposer off. Now run hot water into the disposer but do not turn the disposer on. Turn the water off and drop in two or three capsules and turn on the disposer briefly to distribute the contents of the capsules inside the disposer. Let the disposer sit unused for awhile or until the next time you need to use it. As an alternative, you can also clean the disposer by having it grind up a few cups of ice and some table salt. This helps to cut the grease and slime off the sides of the disposer. Then flush it out with cold water followed by half of a lemon or lime to deodorize.

Q. "Why don't you also offer 1/3 hp model disposers?"
A. We do offer a 1/3 hp disposer by Whirlpool.

Q. "I've heard that garbage disposers waste harms septic tanks. Any truth to that?"
A. We have yet to read any study that reflects that. Some cities have banned disposers, disposals, garborators and then, later changed their minds and allowed them, such as New York. From what we know, food disposer waste gets consumed by bacteria in sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.

Q. "I see that in your parts section that you offer other finishes for flanges besides chrome/stainless. Are these finishes as good as chrome or stainless?"
A. We offer those finishes for people that "insist" on polished brass, white, almond, etc for a nicer "look" in their kitchen sinks. We do not believe they are as durable as the original chrome/stainless that are included with most brands of disposers (the flange that comes with WasteKing/BoneCrusher is VERY durable). For durability nothing beats the original finish. Special finishes will tarnish and become dull over time, and acids and alkaloids in common foods can cause the paint/enamel to chip or crack.

Q. "Should I be adding enzymes/bacteria to my disposer or septic tank whenever I use my disposer?"
A. Not in our opinion. There are even disposers that add enzymes every time that you use that disposer. From what we have read, bacteria grow naturally after initially being introduced (mostly by nature) into septic tanks, and no additional enzymes/bacteria need to be introduced. From our perspective, adding additional enzymes/bacteria each time seems like a waste of money and resources. One additional note, our Founder wishes to encourage you to use composting and not throwing all wastes down your food disposers. Save the Planet and recycle as much as possible.

It is the opinion of our Founder Vic that garbage disposers are not garbage cans, therefore, should not be used as such. Most potatoes peels, carrots and the like will not get chopped up well (with any brand), and can help clog your drain lines. He feels that food (garbage) disposers should be used sparingly. Much of what goes into your drains eventually has to be removed by sewage treatment facilities or be dealt with by some system.

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