Botanical Series Replacement Parts

by Delta

Looking for replacement parts for your beautiful Delta Botanical tub/shower faucet? Look no further! We here at® are pleased to offer these and many other Delta replacement parts.
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Delta Botanical Series
Tub/Shower Systems

Order replacement parts for your tub/shower system below

Repair Parts For Delta Botanical Tub/Shower Systems

Models T14180, T14280, & T14480
Delta parts for T14180, T14280 & T14480
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
#1 RP28601 Discontinued - Please select from the many shower heads we offer
#2 RP6023 1/2" x 6" Shower Arm Enter a quantity and
#3 RP38452 Shower Flange Enter a quantity and
#4 RP38451 Escutcheon Discontinued
#5a RP196 Escutcheon Trim Screws (2) Enter a quantity and
#5b RP12630 Extra Long 3-7/8" Escutcheon Trim Screws (2) Enter a quantity and
#6 RP46074 Cartridge Assembly $89.77 Enter a quantity and
#7 RP14414 O-Ring Kit $1.51 Enter a quantity and
#8 RP46071 Housing Assembly Discontinued
#9 RP4993 Seats & Springs Kit (2 Seats & 2 Springs) $6.18 Enter a quantity and
#10 RP46070 Cap Assembly Discontinued
#11 RP23336 Under Sleeve O-Ring $5.79 Enter a quantity and
#12 RP39407 Trim Sleeve & Spacer Enter a quantity and
#13 RP29569 Spacer $4.53 Enter a quantity and
#14 RP38450 Pull-Up Diverter Tub Spout - Chrome - 1/2" Sweat or 1/2" IPS Discontinued
#15 RP38618 Tub Spout Finial Discontinued
#16 RP43028 Non-Diverter Tub Spout - 1/2" Sweat or 1/2" IPS Not Offered
R10000 Universal Rough Valve Body $28.08 Enter a quantity and
963-01 Silicone Lubricant for O-Rings and Stems - FDA Approved - ¼ oz. $4.10 Enter a quantity and
Not your tub/shower system? Don't stress, we offer a wide selection of
replacement parts for many Delta tub/shower systems.
View our Delta parts index page where you can browse all of the tub/shower systems we offer

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