Replacement Seats for Vent-Away Toilets

Searching for a replacement seat for your American Standard Vent-Away toilet? Look no further! Vent-Away, Vent-A-Way, Ventaway, any way you spell it, we have a replacement toilet seat. For other toilet seats or toilet repair parts, you'll find them at famous ®.

American Standard Vent-Away toilet

Replacement Toilet Seat For American Standard Vent-Away Toilets

replacement elongated seat for Vent-Away toilets

Fawn Beige
Fawn Beige
Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued

Please Note: These toilet seats for American Standard Vent-Away toilets are no longer being manufactured.

American Standard Vent-Away toilet with round seat

If your toilet looks like the toilet pictured above, then this may be the seat for you.

Round Plastic Toilet Seat For Vent-Away Toilets

Description Price & Quantity
Regular round front toilet seat - fits some Ventaway toilets - white $60.56 Enter a quantity and
Regular round front toilet seat - fits some Ventaway toilets - bone $69.89 Enter a quantity and

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Note: For sanitary/hygienic reasons, toilet seats may not be returned.

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How Do Vent-Away (Ventaway) Toilets Work?

images of Vent-Away trip lever and button

At the start of Vent-Away action, water is drawn out of a trap in the Vent-Away by a jet aspirator. Within ten seconds a vacuum is created which draws air (and odors) back through holes in the flushing rim of the toilet bowl. The air carries all the odors with it, into the discharge outlet of the toilet. The odors are then expelled through the vent pipe... out of the bathroom.

To Start Vent-Away action, pull flushing button outward, or raise trip lever. In approximately ten seconds ventilating action will begin.

To Stop Vent-Away action, push the flushing button in or lever down. This will stop the ventilating action and produce a flush cycle. The button or lever returns to neutral position.

To Flush without using Vent-Away, push the flushing button in or lever down in the normal manner. Toilet bowl can be flushed at any time without using the ventilator.

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