Kitchen Sink Accessories
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Nantucket sink with colander
Nantucket sink with bottom grid
Nantucket sink with cutting board

Enhance your Nantucket luxury sink with a new over-the-sink colander for ease and efficiency of food preparation, or find the perfect basket strainer to match your faucet.

Stainless Steel In-the-Sink Colanders

Model Description Price & Quantity
Deluxe 16 Overall Size: 8-1/4" x 18"
Inside Dimensions: 5-1/4" x 16" - 4-1/4" depth
Fits sink models: ZR2318, ZR2522-16, ZR2818-16, ZR2818-8-16, ZR3218-16, SR2818, SR3018, SR3218-16, SR3618-16

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Unique Flip Top Drain

Flip top drain close-up
Flip top drain being used
Flip top drain top view

Unique flip top covers food debris stuck in the strainer for a mess-free appearance until you have time to clean the drain
Flip-top cover is connected to the basket   -   Long screw style   -   Fits standard 3-1/2" kitchen drains   -   View dimensions

Flip Top Drain & Basket Strainer - Brushed Stainless Steel = $48.74

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