Enso Toilet Repair Parts
by Mansfield

The truly unique design of the Enso toilet combined with its dual flush, water-saving performance makes it a definite keeper. So what do you do when your Enso toilet isn't functioning at optimal level? You visit your friends at PlumbingSupply.com® and order some repair parts, of course! Whether you need a new valve, an actuator button, or just a replacement seal, we've got the quality Mansfield parts you need to fix your Enso toilet.

Mansfield Enso Toilet

Replacement Parts for Mansfield Enso Toilet
Two Piece Dual Flush (1.1gpf/1.6gpf) Model - 177 & 178

Parts diagram for Mansfield two-piece dual flush Enso toilets

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 90 Pilot Operated Anti-Siphon Fill Valve $20.28
2 208E 3" Dual Flush Valve Tower - provides 1.1gpf and 1.6gpf options $23.45
741-0016 3" Replacement Flush Valve Seal $4.95
3 78 Top Mount ABS Actuator Button - Chrome-Plated $36.36
4 630-0107 SmartFasten 3" Tank to Bowl Kit
- includes tank to bowl gasket, three 1/4" x 2-1/4" bolts, & three nuts

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