Cascade Toilet Repair Parts
by Mansfield

With its transition design, the Cascade toilet complements almost any bathroom décor. Save yourself time, money, and a headache by repairing instead of replacing this quality toilet. From trip levers and bolt caps to fill valves and flappers, we have everything you need to fix your Cascade toilet at® - your source for top quality Mansfield toilet parts!

Mansfield Cascade Toilet

Replacement Parts for Mansfield Cascade Toilet
Two Piece 1.28gpf Model - 3816

Parts diagram for Mansfield elegant two-piece Cascade toilets

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 2206-1112 Pilot Operated Anti-Siphon Fill Valve - Adjustable height 7-3/4" - 11-1/2" $19.41
630-2206 Fill Valve Repair Kit $4.15
2 216 3" Flush Valve - includes 3" flapper, chain, stainless steel clip, spud gasket, tank to bowl gasket, and nut $8.58
3 630-0207 3" Flapper - includes various flow rate inserts $10.77
4 58 Front Mount Trip Lever with Plastic Handle & Arm - Chrome $21.33
5 630-0107 SmartFasten 3" Tank to Bowl Kit
- includes tank to bowl gasket, three 1/4" x 2-1/4" bolts, & three nuts
6 Bolt Caps Bolt Cap Covers (1 pair)
  Round Premium Quality Replacement "Will Fit" Slow Close Toilet Seat by Bemis - White $60.56
  Elongated Premium Quality Replacement "Will Fit" Slow Close Toilet Seat by Bemis - White $67.91
Please note: The toilet seats featured here are the manufacturer's closest color match available & are non-returnable. View colored toilet seats.

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