Triangle Patriot Series Toilet Repair Parts

by Eljer

The Eljer Triangle Patriot has a unique tank style that makes it easier to keep than replace, so it is often more preferable to repair this unusual model. Find just the right parts to keep yours working and looking good for many years to come with a replacement flush valve assembly, flappers, or even gaskets or bolt caps. If you need other Eljer toilet parts, click here.
Triangle Patriot toilet by Eljer
Order replacement parts for the Triangle Patriot toilet tank numbers below:

Repair Parts For The Triangle Patriot Toilets
Models # 091-2555 & 091-2575 - Tank # 141-4510

Repair parts for the  Triangle Patriot toilets
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 495-0214-00 Float Valve (Ballcock) - float ball sold separately (see item #8) $22.12 Enter a quantity and
2 495-0185-00 Float Valve Repair Kit Discontinued
2A MARK4KIT Plunger Repair Kit for Mark IV Fill Valve - (#495-0214-00 fill valve) $5.19 Enter a quantity and
3 495-5551-05 Flush Valve Assembly with Flapper and Chain - (may include Original style or New style flapper) $18.24 Enter a quantity and
4 495-6055-00 Original Style Flapper for 495-5551-05 flush valve $11.07 Enter a quantity and
5 495-2120-00 Trip Lever - White Discontinued
6 495-5984-00 Replaced by "will fit" parts "Will Fit" Brass Tank to Bowl Bolt Set (pair) - brass bolts, chrome plated zinc nuts, wing nuts, and washers
- does not include tank to bowl gasket (see below)
$4.72 Enter a quantity and
"Will Fit" Tank to Bowl Gasket $5.15 Enter a quantity and
7 495-5702-00 Tank to Bowl Gasket - Replaced by "will fit" $5.15 Enter a quantity and
8 Float Ball "Will Fit" Plastic Float Ball $3.52 Enter a quantity and
9 Float Rod "Will Fit" 8" Brass Float Rod - click here for more sizes $2.25 Enter a quantity and
10 Bolt Caps Bolt Caps (2) - White - click here for more color options $2.85 Enter a quantity and

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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