Versailles Series Toilet Repair Parts

by Eljer

The unique style of the Eljer Versailles often makes it more preferrable to repair than replace this classic. Find just the right parts to keep yours working and looking good for many years to come with replacement float valves, flappers, or even mounting parts and bolt caps. If you need other Eljer toilet parts, click our page.
Versailles toilet by Eljer
Order replacement parts for the Versailles toilet tank numbers below:

Repair Parts for the Eljer Versailles Series Toilet
Model # 091-9005 - Tank # 141-9000

Versailles toilet repair parts
Item # Image Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 fluidmaster 400a fill valve 400A Float Valve (Ballcock) - Replaces 495-0244-07 $16.62 Enter a quantity and
2 eljer flush valve 495-5543-00 495-5543-00 Flush Valve Assembly $11.50 Enter a quantity and
3 will-fit flapper coast 53458 53458 Flapper (use yellow insert for the same flow rate) - Replaces 495-6050-00 $3.43 Enter a quantity and
4 eljer actuator and lever assembly 495-2651-00 495-2651-00 Actuator & Lever Assembly Discontinued
5 eljer push button flush activator 495-2650-00 495-2650-00 Push Button only - white with chrome ring (standard on white tanks) Discontinued
toilet push button mansfield 47 chrome Possible Replacement
Push Button Flush Actuator - view push button actuator dimensions
$18.43 Enter a quantity and
6 eljer will-fit 495-6001-00 "Will-Fit"
Mounting Parts Bag - Replaces 495-6001-00 $2.89 Enter a quantity and
7 toilet bowl cap set white Bolt Caps Bolt Caps - White - view additional color options $2.99 Enter a quantity and

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I installed a new fill valve and my new valve comes on (and then goes off) for a few seconds about once per hour?"
A. This could be caused by many things. The most common is with a Fluidmaster 400. This is a great valve but be sure to install the 1/4" tube per their instructions. Use the clip that comes with it and do not just stick it into the overflow tube or it will go on and off every so often by itself. If that isn't it, take some food coloring and place it in your tank. Wait a few hours and if some of the color has gone into the bowl then you probably need a new flapper.

Q. "My Universal Rundle toilet tank has a tilt valve. How does the Fluidmaster 400A fill valve allow the bowl to refill?"
A. If you are using a Fluidmaster 400A then you must also use the Fluidmaster #599 refill tube & clip. The clip attaches to the back of the tank and keeps the 1/4" refill tube pointed towards and into the overflow tube of the tilt valve. The 1/4" refill tube must not be attached directly into the overflow tube. There must be an air break between the refill tube and the overflow tube to keep the 400A from siphoning the water in the tank and putting it into the bowl continuously causing the 400A to turn on and off continuously.

Q. "What are the inserts that came with my flapper for? How do I use them?"
A. These "will fit" flappers are unique in that a variety of inserts are included to allow you to control how much water flushes from your toilet each time it is used. When you flush the toilet, the trip lever lifts the chain on the flapper to allow the water in the tank to flow into the bowl through the flush valve. The bottom cone-like part of the flapper holds air in it. Once lifted, the flapper floats until the water in the tank recedes, when the flapper lands back on the opening of the flush valve. These inserts allow you to control the amount of water that flows into the flapper cone while it is open or floating in the water, thus controlling how fast the flapper seals the flush valve opening.

The benefit of this is that you can easily conserve water by using an insert with a larger hole. As water flows into the flapper cone through a larger hole, it will close faster - meaning you will use less water to complete the flush cycle. If you need more water for a proper, sanitary flush, simply use an insert with a smaller hole.

To change inserts: Carefully twist the existing insert out of the bottom of the flapper. Then, carefully twist the new insert into the flapper. Easy.

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How to use flapper inserts How to use flapper inserts How to use flapper inserts How to use flapper inserts How to use flapper inserts How to use flapper inserts How to use flapper inserts How to use flapper inserts

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