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Eljer Toilet Repair Parts

Walford Series Toilets

Wall hung toilets are harder to replace, so keep your Eljer Walford toilet working properly with replacement parts from®. Whether you need fill valves, flush valves, flappers or gaskets, we have them! If you need a seat for your Walford toilet, click here for our large selection.

Walford toilet by Eljer
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The Walford Series Toilet by Eljer

Order Replacement Parts For The Walford Toilet Below

Note: this is a wall mount toilet
Repair Parts For The Eljer Walford Series Toilet
Model #'s 091-1925, 091-1935, 091-1943
Eljer toilet repair parts

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 495-0214-00 Fill valve (ballcock) - less float rod and float ball $13.67
2A 495-0188-00 Fill valve repair kit $12.59
  3SCREWKIT 3 Screw plunger repair kit for 495-0188-00 $5.99
  PLUNGERKIT Plunger and o-ring for 495-0188-00 $4.47
2B 495-0185-00 Fill valve repair kit $7.29
  MARK4KIT Plunger repair kit $4.65
3A 495-5541-00 Flush valve assembly with flapper and chain $13.59
3B 495-5528-00 Flush valve assembly with flapper and chain
- Includes counter-balance for insulated toilets
4A 495-6029-00 Replacement Flapper - Replaced by "will fit" $4.97
4B 495-6035-00 Counter balance flapper and chain - for use with 495-5528-00
- (chain length 9 1/2")
5 495-2701-00 Flush lever - chrome $8.56
6 495-5964-00 Tank to bowl bolt kit (less gasket) - replaced by "will fit" $3.95
7 495-5702-00 "Will Fit" Tank to bowl gasket $3.95
  float ball "Will Fit" plastic float ball $2.94
  float rod "Will Fit" brass float rod (8" long) - click here for more sizes $1.90
    Round Front Toilet Seat - White
- click here for more color options
    Elongated / Extended Front Replacement Toilet Seat - White
- click here for more color options

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Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

Eljer Toilet Parts By Series
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Have questions about toilet parts or toilet repair?

Read our comprehensive Toilet Repair Information & FAQs to learn how your toilet works,
how to find the right replacement parts, and how to fix common problems.

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