Terrace Ultra Series Toilet Repair Parts

by Eljer

Finding parts for your Eljer Terrace Ultra just got a lot easier! PlumbingSupply.com® is pleased to offer the replacement parts you need to keep your toilet working properly. Whether you need flappers, fill valves, or bolt caps, you're just a click away from ordering what you need.
Terrace Ultra toilet by Eljer
Order replacement parts for the Terrace Ultra toilet tank numbers below:

Repair Parts for the Eljer Terrace Ultra Series Toilet
Models # 091-4200 & 091-4205 - Tank # 141-4200

 Terrace Ultra series toilet parts
Item # Image Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 eljer fill valve 495-0214-00 495-0214-00 Fill Valve (Ballcock) - float ball sold separately (see item #10) Discontinued
fluidmaster 400a adjustable fill valve 400A Fluidmaster fill valve - adjustable (9"-14") fill valve $16.62 Enter a quantity and
2 eljer fill valve 495-0815-00 495-0185-00 Twist-Lock Repair Kit for New Style Fill Valve Discontinued
2A repair kit coast mark4 495-0214-00 MARK4KIT Plunger Repair Kit for #495-0214-00 Fill Valve $5.45 Enter a quantity and
3 eljer will-fit flush valve 495-5551-05 495-5551-05
Flush Valve Assembly with Flapper and Chain - Replaces 495-5551-00 $17.68 Enter a quantity and
4 will-fit flapper 59bp "Will Fit"
Replacement Flapper - Replaces 495-6029-00 $3.96 Enter a quantity and
korky ultra water saver flapper 100bp 100BP Flapper with stainless steel chain - For 495-5551-05 Will-Fit Flush valve $6.15 Enter a quantity and
5 eljer chrome tank trip lever 495-2704-00 495-2704-00 Trip Lever - Chrome $16.15 Enter a quantity and
eljer flush lever gold 495-2706-00 495-2706-00 Trip Lever - Gold Discontinued
eljer trip lever polished brass 495-2710-00 495-2710-00 Trip Lever - Polished Brass Discontinued
6 tank to bowl bolt set brass v33 "Will Fit" V33 Tank to Bowl Bolt Set - Replaces 495-5963-00 $6.27 Enter a quantity and
7 will-fit eljer tank to bowl gasket 495-5702-00 "Will Fit" 495-5702-00 Tank to Bowl Gasket - Replaces 495-5702-00 $4.79 Enter a quantity and
8 eljer 495-2535-00 plastic reservoir 495-2535-00 Plastic Reservoir Discontinued
9 plastic toilet bowl cap set white Bolt Caps Toilet Bowl Bolt Caps (2) - White - view additional color options $2.99 Enter a quantity and
10 plastic float ball 4 inch by 5 inch Float Ball "Will Fit" Plastic Float Ball $3.70 Enter a quantity and
11 brass float rod 8 inch Float Rod "Will Fit" 8" Brass Float Rod - View more sizes $3.10 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown eljer regular squared front toilet seat white 124-0200 Regular Squared Front Replacement Toilet Seat - White $66.84 Enter a quantity and
eljer elongated squared front toilet seat white 124-0205 Extended Squared Front Toilet Seat - White Discontinued

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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