Diplomat Series Toilet Repair Parts

by Eljer

If you want to add years to the life of your Eljer Diplomat toilet, you'll need a source for replacement parts, and you're sure to find just what you need at PlumbingSupply.com®! Fill valves, flappers and gaskets are just a click away.
Diplomat toilet by Eljer
Order replacement parts for the Diplomat toilet tank numbers below:

Repair Parts for the Eljer Diplomat Series Toilet
Models # 091-0160, 091-0161, 091-3275, 091-3276 & 091-3925 - Tanks # 4019 & 4021

Eljer Diplomat series toilet
Item # Image Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 american standard flush valve 738921-100-0070a 738921-100.0070A Flush Valve Assembly with 3" flapper - fits 3-3/8" - 3-1/2" diameter hole opening $19.90 Enter a quantity and
2 american standard three inch flapper 738920-0070A 738920-0070A Replacement Flapper Only $13.07 Enter a quantity and
3 fluidmaster 400a fill valve 400A Fill Valve $16.62 Enter a quantity and
4 american standard tank trip lever chrome 738903-0020a 738903-0020A Trip Lever - Chrome $31.68 Enter a quantity and
5 american standard tank to bowl coupling kit 7301021-0070a 7301021-0070A Tank to Bowl Coupling Kit (includes installation tool) - replaces old #730935-0070A $24.18 Enter a quantity and
6 american standard toilet bolt cap covers white 034783-0200A 034783-0200A Bolt Cap Covers (2) - White - View our page for additional color options $8.07 Enter a quantity and
7 bemis affinity premium round toilet seat 200e4 Round Premium "Will-Fit" Toilet Seat by Bemis - White - View additional color options $60.56
bemis affinity premium elongated toilet seat 1200e4 Elongated Premium "Will-Fit" Toilet Seat by Bemis - White - View additional color options $67.91 Enter a quantity and

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I have an Eljer toilet and I ordered Eljer parts, but the box says American Standard. Did you send me the wrong parts?"
A. While we are human and do make mistakes sometimes, most of the time you did receive the correct parts. In 2008, American Standard purchased both Crane (which previously had purchased Universal Rundle) and Eljer. There are many Eljer branded parts still available, especially for many of their older toilets, but their newer toilet model parts and some of the older parts have been replaced with American Standard branded parts. Rest assured that these parts are generally exactly the same and will function the same, even if it says American Standard and not Eljer on the box. If, for some reason, the parts you ordered do not work in your toilet, please contact our customer service representatives who will be happy to help you identify the problem.

Q. "What's the best way to replace my toilet flapper?"
A. Generally, with most toilets: Turn off the water supply and flush the toilet. Reach in and unhook the ears of the flapper and unhook the chain from the trip lever. Install an identical flapper to the original that came from the factory. Do expect to get your hands dirty from the old flapper. Simply reinstall the new one in reverse order. Note that should you have very old brass pipes inside of your toilet, be careful not to be rough on them. They can easily break and end up leaking. After you have replaced your flapper, and the toilet tank bowl has refilled, the water fill valve should not leak (be going on and off in cycles). If it does, then we recommend putting some food coloring into your tank. This can help diagnose the problem. The colored water should not be going into the bowl (unless you flush the toilet of course). If the food color does go into the bowl, then possibly the flapper is not the correct one, the surface where the toilet flapper sits has eroded (feel below where the flapper touched the toilet and see if you can feel erosion/groove), or you may only need to add some slack to the chain.

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