Touch Flush Series Toilet Repair Parts

by Eljer

Why put up with the hassle and expense of replacing your unique Eljer Touch-Flush toilet when you can simply repair it? From tank lever handles to replacement gaskets, we have everything you need to make your toilet function like new again.

Repair Parts for Eljer Touch-Flush Toilets

Diagram of Eljer Touch-Flush toilet repair parts
Item # Part Number Description Price & Quantity
1 490-6200-00 Tank Lever Handle - Chrome $6.11 Enter a quantity and
2 490-6202-00 Bushing $1.81 Enter a quantity and
3 490-6203-00 Clip $3.59 Enter a quantity and
4 490-6199-00 4" Tank Lever Arm $5.85 Enter a quantity and
5 490-6508-00 Lever Arm with Bead Chain (less screw) $11.55 Enter a quantity and
6 490-6511-00 Tank Ball Screw - This item is available in an assembly below - -
7 490-4332-00 Tank Ball - Replaced by "will fit" tank ball (less screw) $4.68 Enter a quantity and
5, 6, 7 Complete Kit Lever Arm and Tank Ball Assembly - Includes lever arm, chain, tank ball & screw $11.04 Enter a quantity and
8 490-6505-00 Touch Flush Bracket - Replaced by "will fit" $4.64 Enter a quantity and
9 WA77 Tank to Bowl Rubber Gasket - 3 1/8" O.D. x 2 5/16" I.D. x 1/2" high $3.35 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown Stainless Bolt Kit "Will Fit" Stainless Steel Tank to Bowl Mounting Set - Includes 2 stainless steel bolts (5/16" x 3"), 4 rubber washers, 4 nuts, 4 flat steel washers $6.39
Brass Bolt Kit "Will Fit" Solid Brass tank to bowl mounting set - Includes 2 solid brass bolts (5/16" x 3"), 4 rubber washers, chrome plated zinc: 2 nuts, 4 flat washers, 2 wing nuts $6.27 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown 490-6512-00 Touch-Flush Assembly Unit - Includes items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 $30.20 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown 555C Flush Valve Repair Kit #555C - Includes flapper, drain seat & sealant ring
Excellent for worn or eroded porcelain, or as an easy substitute for the tank ball assembly
- rotate flapper dial to adjust flush volume
$7.99 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown 400A "Will Fit" Replacement Fill Valve - Adjustable from 9" - 14"
Please measure the height of your existing fill valve prior to ordering to ensure proper fit
$16.62 Enter a quantity and

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How does the #555C flusher fixer kit work? Can I use it even though I don't have a regular flush valve?"
A. The #555C is excellent for toilets with unusual flush mechanisms, like the Touch Flush, since it will fit over almost any flush valve or flush outlet. All you need to do is drain your tank, clean the outlet well, and make sure it is completely dry - we recommend using a blow dryer to get it really dry, otherwise the sealant won't stick as well - then stick the sealant over the rim and press the flapper assembly over the outlet. Detailed instructions are included with the kit, or you can watch our brief flappers video to learn more about how this flapper replacement works.

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