Vail Series Toilet Repair Parts

by Eljer

The low-profile design of the Eljer Vail is what makes it unique, therefore, it is more preferable to repair than to replace it. Find just the right parts to keep yours working and looking good for many years to come with replacement float valves, flappers, or even mounting parts and bolt caps. If you need other Eljer toilet parts, click our page.
Vail toilet by Eljer
Order replacement parts for the Vail one-piece toilet model numbers below:

Repair Parts for the Eljer Vail Series Toilets
One-Piece Model # 081-1705

Repair parts for the Vail toilet - #081-1705
Float valve (ballcock) design has changed from a twist-top to a screw kit.
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 495-0256-00 Fill Valve - Must purchase float ball separately Discontinued
7381125-400-0070A Fill Valve with Built-In Float - Replaces 495-0256-00 - (no float ball or float rod needed) $40.09 Enter a quantity and
2 MARK4KIT Plunger repair kit for 495-0214-00 - fill valve cap imprinted MARK IV $5.45
495-0188-00 OEM 3-screw cap with plunger fill valve repair for #495-0256-00 Discontinued
3 495-5514-00 OEM Flush Valve - 5-1/2" tall from toilet to top of overflow - turn internal tabs counterclockwise to loosen and remove old flush valve, see below for optional tool to remove or install original flush valves Discontinued
WF-495-5514-00 Will-Fit Flush Valve - 5-1/2" tall from toilet to top of overflow, includes flapper and chain - fits some Canterbury, Tennison, and Vail toilets $23.80 Enter a quantity and
4 495-6048-00 Replaced by: American Standard / Eljer Flapper & chain #738068-0070A (OEM Certain Seal 400) Discontinued
"Will Fit"  Flapper Like Certain Seal 400 $13.64 Enter a quantity and
5 495-2730-00 Side Mount Trip Lever - Chrome (replaced by #936-PCH) $29.78 Enter a quantity and
6 495-6028-00 Mounting Parts Bag Discontinued
7 Bolt Caps Toilet Bowl Bolt Caps (2) - White - view additional color options $2.99 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown Tool Tool for installing and removing original flush valve - view instructions
Insert and turn wrench counterclockwise to loosen and remove old flush valve
$16.95 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown Float Ball "Will Fit" Plastic Float Ball $3.70 Enter a quantity and
Float Rod "Will Fit" 8" Brass Float Rod - view me for more sizes $2.25 Enter a quantity and

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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