Darrow Series Toilet Repair Parts
by Eljer

If you're looking for repair and replacement parts for the Darrow or Darrow Classic toilet, you've come to the right place. Your friends at PlumbingSupply.com® are happy to offer a myriad of replacement parts for your Eljer Darrow series toilet - from fill valves and flappers to toilet seats and trip levers, we've got what you're looking for right here.
Eljer Darrow Toilet - Tank #141-4400Darrow
Tank #141-4400
Eljer Darrow Classic Toilet - Tank #141-4440Darrow Classic
Tank #141-4440

Repair Parts for the Eljer Darrow & Darrow Classic Toilets
Models # 091-4400, 091-4405, 091-4440, & 091-4445 - Tanks # 141-4400 & 141-4440

Repair parts diagram for Eljer Darrow and Darrow Classic two-piece toilets - tanks #141-4400 and 141-4440
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 738565-433.0070A Fluidmaster Fill Valve / Water Control Assembly - Replaced by 7381125-400.0070A $40.09 Enter a quantity and
2 Cap Assembly Fill Valve Repair Kit - includes diaphragm and float lever fulcrum $5.87 Enter a quantity and
3 Tube & Adapter Refill Tube & Angle Adapter $4.67 Enter a quantity and
4 7381007-400.007 Flush Valve - includes flapper and gasket Discontinued
Will-Fit "Will-Fit" Flush Valve - includes flapper and gasket - "Will Fit" flush valve will need to be cut down to height of original valve. - Please note: altered valves are non-returnable. $14.99 Enter a quantity and
5 7381008-400.0070A Flapper & Chain $11.21 Enter a quantity and
6 730288-2000A Side Mount Trip Lever - Chrome & White Discontinued
730288-2050A Side Mount Trip Lever - Polished Brass & White Discontinued
7 730512-0070A Tank to Bowl Bolt Kit - Replaced by 730692-0070A $11.05 Enter a quantity and
8 200E4 Quality Bemis "Will Fit" Round Toilet Seat - White (view more color options) $60.56
1200E4 Quality Bemis "Will Fit" Elongated Toilet Seat - White (view more color options) $67.91 Enter a quantity and
9 034783-0200A Toilet Bolt Caps (2) - White (view more color options) $8.07 Enter a quantity and

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I have an Eljer toilet and I ordered Eljer parts, but the box says American Standard. Did you send me the wrong parts?"
A. While we are human and do make mistakes sometimes, most of the time you did receive the correct parts. In 2008, American Standard purchased both Crane (which previously had purchased Universal Rundle) and Eljer. There are many Eljer branded parts still available, especially for many of their older toilets, but their newer toilet model parts and some of the older parts have been replaced with American Standard branded parts. Rest assured that these parts are generally exactly the same and will function the same, even if it says American Standard and not Eljer on the box. If, for some reason, the parts you ordered do not work in your toilet, please contact our customer service representatives who will be happy to help you identify the problem.

Q. "I installed a new fill valve and my new valve comes on (and then goes off) for a few seconds about once per hour?"
A. This could be caused by many things. The most common is with a Fluidmaster 400. This is a great valve but be sure to install the 1/4" tube per their instructions. Use the clip that comes with it and do not just stick it into the overflow tube or it will go on and off every so often by itself. If that isn't it, take some food coloring and place it in your tank. Wait a few hours and if some of the color has gone into the bowl then you probably need a new flapper.

Q. "My Universal Rundle toilet tank has a tilt valve. How does the Fluidmaster 400A fill valve allow the bowl to refill?"
A. If you are using a Fluidmaster 400A then you must also use the Fluidmaster #599 refill tube & clip. The clip attaches to the back of the tank and keeps the 1/4" refill tube pointed towards and into the overflow tube of the tilt valve. The 1/4" refill tube must not be attached directly into the overflow tube. There must be an air break between the refill tube and the overflow tube to keep the 400A from siphoning the water in the tank and putting it into the bowl continuously causing the 400A to turn on and off continuously.

Q. "How long 'should' the parts inside of my toilet last?"
A. That depends on a number of variables and which parts. Water quality is one of the major factors. If your water source is heavily chlorinated then many parts won't last long. Or if you have a lot of sand or grit or have a low pH or "aggressive" water source then parts simply won't last as long as the 'average' length of time. Also the quality of the parts matters. The replaceable parts such as flappers and washers/seals generally will last at least 4 to 5 years on "average." If you use a chemical bowl cleaner some flappers won't even last one year. However, some toilet bowl cleaners isolate cleanser from the internal workings of the toilet therefore, maximizing the life of your toilet parts. If your flapper has black "goo" on it then it is either due to age or quality of your water and if it feels soft then it's best to change it.

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