Sophie Series Toilet Repair Parts

by Eljer

The unique look of the discontinued Sophie toilet makes repair much more desirable than replacement, and luckily your friends at® have the parts you need to fix it up!
Sophie toilet by Eljer
Order replacement parts for the Sophie toilet tank numbers below:

Repair Parts for the Eljer Sophie Series Toilet
Model # 091-6000 - Tank # 141-6000

Eljer toilet repair parts diagram - the Sophie series
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 495-0210-00 Float Valve (Ballcock) Discontinued
2 495-0190-00 Float Valve Repair Membrane $13.62 Enter a quantity and
3 495-5554-00 Flush Valve Assembly Discontinued
4 495-2000-00 Flush Valve Washer Float Insert $10.60 Enter a quantity and
5 596-0614-00 Push Button Flush Assembly - Chrome Discontinued
6 495-5989-00 Tank to Bowl Gasket - Replaced by "will fit" gasket $2.14 Enter a quantity and
Tank to Bowl Bolt Kit - Replaced by "will fit" brass kit $6.27 Enter a quantity and
7 Bolt Caps Bolt Caps (2) - White (view more color options) $8.07 Enter a quantity and

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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