Nostalgia Series Toilet Repair Parts

by Universal Rundle

The classic look of the Nostalgia toilet never goes out of style and makes it worth repairing. Whether you need a new ballcock, flapper or even the trip lever, you've come to the right place! We here at® are pleased to offer these and many more Universal Rundle replacement parts.

Nostalgia two-piece toilet

Replacement Parts for Nostalgia Series Toilet
Two-Piece Model - Tank 4465

Nostalgia toilet parts by Universal Rundle

Model & Service Years Description Part # Price & Quantity
Nostalgia Toilet
Model: 4465
Made after March 1992
Ballcock - Replaced by adjustable # 528 Fill Valve 137 $11.95
Flush Valve - Replaced by 10-1/2" tall "Will-Fit"
- may need to be cut down to original valve height
- can use any type of saw (wood saw, hack saw, etc.)
- Please note: altered valves are non-returnable.
237 $14.99
Float Rod (9") 121 $2.25
Float Ball 102 $3.70
Trip Lever - Chrome
"Will Fit" alternative - #J-9148 Chrome
View more designer finishes - View detailed installation instructions
324 Discontinued
J-9148 $72.83

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