Model 4014/4016/4018 Toilet Repair Parts

by Universal Rundle

Keep your Universal Rundle toilet working like new with replacement parts from your source,®! From 1971 to 1981 there were a few changes, but with our helpful part listings you can see which parts are for the year your toilet was made. Looking for a tank lid? Click here, or for other Universal Rundle toilet parts, visit our page.

Older one-piece toilet

Replacement Parts for Older Universal Rundle Toilets
One-Piece Model - 4014/4016/4018

UR toilet replacement parts for model 4014, 4016, 4018

Model & Service Years Description Part # Price & Quantity
Toilet Models:
4014 / 4016 / 4018
May 1971 - March 1981
Ballcock 12" 192
Ballcock Plunger
- with seat
Plunger Kit
Ballcock Plunger 192
Plunger only
Diverter 197 Discontinued
Pinion Holder Assembly 258 Discontinued
Flush Tilt Valve 259 Discontinued
Float Rod (10") 128 $2.66
Float Ball 102 $3.70
Original Trip Lever Dimensions 331 Discontinued
Possible Alternative - Bendable Rod Trip Lever
Brass flat rod bends to shape needed - Please Note: Altered trip levers are non-returnable

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Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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