New Venus Series Replacement Toilet Repair Parts

by Universal Rundle

To repair your reliable New Venus toilet you'll need the right repair parts, and there is no better place than right here on®! We have the parts you're looking for, and provide the solutions for your maintenance and repair needs. In need of additional Universal Rundle parts? Click here.

New Venus two-piece toilet

Replacement Parts for New Venus Series Toilet
Two-Piece Model - Tanks 4440/4470

New Venus toilet repair parts

Model & Service Years Description Part # Price & Quantity
New Venus Toilet
Models: 4440 / 4470
May 1979 - Dec. 1985
Ballcock - Replaced by #400A
- Click here for 400A repair parts
170/130 $10.92
Flush Valve 247/234 Discontinued
Float Rod (9") 126 Discontinued
Float Ball 102 $3.52
Trip Lever - Chrome 311/354 Discontinued

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Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I installed a new fill valve and my new valve comes on (and then goes off) for a few seconds about once per hour?"
A. This could be caused by many things. The most common is with a Fluidmaster 400. This is a great valve but be sure to install the 1/4" tube per their instructions. Use the clip that comes with it and do not just stick it into the overflow tube or it will go on and off every so often by itself. If that isn't it, take some food coloring and place it in your tank. Wait a few hours and if some of the color has gone into the bowl then you probably need a new flapper.

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