Maelstrom Toilet Repair Parts

by Briggs

The Maelstrom toilet is a slender, attractive toilet that could be a perfect fit in your bathroom. Replacing the toilet is not your first choice, and repair parts are sometimes hard to find. Don't despair! We at® are pleased to offer replacement parts for this Briggs toilet, and with a selection ranging from fill valve kits to unique flush valves that do not require a flapper, you're sure to find just what you need.
Briggs Maelstrom Toilet

Replacement Parts for Briggs Maelstrom Toilet
Two Piece Models - #4295 (Elongated), #4298 (ComfortFit Elongated), #4392 (Rounded)
Tank Models - #4490, #4492

Parts diagram for Maelstrom toilets
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 B360605 Fill Valve $20.40 Enter a quantity and
2 B351238 Flush Valve - Replaced by Fluidmaster 540AKR $18.18 Enter a quantity and
3 351584 Trip Lever Handle with Metal Arm - White $15.54
351591 Trip Lever Handle with Metal Arm - Biscuit Discontinued Enter a quantity and
4 B351460 3" Tank to Bowl Wing Coupling Gasket - Replaced by B30313 $8.89 Enter a quantity and

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