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Hathaway Toilet Repair Parts
by Briggs

The premium elegance of the Hathaway series of toilets not only offers a highly efficient flush system (1.28 gpf) but also offers the comfort of a taller overall toilet seat height. The supreme quality and comfort of these toilets makes it hard choice to replace when things are not working properly, so fixing those problem parts is a much better solution. Let® be your source for replacement fill valves, flush valves, or even a new tank to bowl gasket for these toilets.

Briggs Hathaway HET Toilet

Replacement Parts for Briggs Hathaway Toilet
Two Piece Models - #4218 (ComfortFit Elongated)
Tank Models - #4461

Parts diagram for hathaway toilets

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
#1 B3800W Fill Valve - Replaced by BA1260 $19.20
#2 B4800H Flush Valve - Replaced by B357108 $12.75
#3 B4801 Flapper with Chain and Float - Replaced by B360529 $7.25
#4 B30313 Tank to Bowl Wing Coupling Gasket $7.77

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