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Kingsley Toilet Repair Parts
by Briggs

The low profile of the Kingsley one-piece series by Briggs is perfectly adapted to fit into smaller bathrooms, and with such a small footprint, it's a better idea to repair these toilets rather than try to find a short enough replacement. Whether you're looking for a new fill valve, need to replace a leaky flapper, or want a stylish new trip lever,® is your source for quality Briggs toilet parts.

Briggs Kingsley Toilet

Replacement Parts for Briggs Kingsley Toilet
One Piece Models - #6080, #6083 (Rounded), #6085, #6088 (Elongated)

Parts diagram for Kingsley toilets

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 B360500 Fill Valve - Replaced by "will fit" #528 $9.89
2 B360520 Flush Valve - 5-1/2" height - for tanks 6080, 6085, and 6095 Discontinued
see Suitable Replacement
Suitable Replacement Flush Valve - 7-1/2" tall, includes flapper with chain and installation wrench disk - will need to be cut down to original flush valve height - altered flush valves are non-returnable $18.89
3 B360521 Flapper - chemical resistant - view old style B360521 flapper (before 2017) $7.73
4 B351180 Trip Lever Handle with Metal Arm - Chrome $10.85
Not Shown 4554-2 Flush valve installation wrench
Insert and turn wrench counterclockwise to loosen and remove old flush valve
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