M128 Toilet Repair Parts

by Briggs

The simple, classic lines of the Briggs M128 makes it a style that will match almost any décor, making it more preferable to repair than replace this timeless model. Find just the right parts to keep yours working and looking good for many years to come with a replacement flush valve, flappers, or even a trip lever or tank to bowl gasket. Let PlumbingSupply.com® be your source for quality Briggs toilet parts.
Briggs M128 Toilet

Replacement Parts for Briggs M128 Toilet
Two Piece Models - #4680 (Rounded, #4685 (Elongated), #4688 (ComfortFit Elongated)
Tank Models - #4494, #4496

Parts diagram for M128 toilets
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 B3800 Fill Valve - Replaced by B360605 $20.40 Enter a quantity and
2 B4800GKIT Flush Valve - Replaced by B357108 $7.30 Enter a quantity and
3 B4802-1 Flapper with Chain - Replaced by "Will Fit" Flapper $9.22 Enter a quantity and
4 351584 Trip Lever Handle with Metal Arm - White $15.54
351591 Trip Lever Handle with Metal Arm - Biscuit Discontinued Enter a quantity and
5 B351460 3" Tank to Bowl Wing Coupling Gasket - Replaced by B30313 $8.89 Enter a quantity and

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