Vacuity Toilet Repair Parts

by Briggs

The contemporary Vacuity Series with its 1.6 gallon water saving toilet tank features a patented Whisper Vacuum flushing system that provides a powerful, yet quiet flow of water. With this unique design parts can sometimes be hard to find, but we at® are pleased to offer replacement parts for these Briggs toilets.
Briggs Classic Vacuity Toilet
Classic Vacuity
Briggs Aegis Vacuity Toilet
Aegis Vacuity
Briggs Hathaway Vacuity Toilet
Hathaway Vacuity

Replacement Parts for Briggs Vacuity Toilets
Classic Vacuity Models - #4200, #4210, #4240, #4247 Tank Models - #4411, #4400
Hathaway Vacuity Models - #4264 Tank Models - #4460
Aegis Vacuity Models - #4204, #4205, #4206 Tank Models - #4404

Parts diagram for Vacuity two-piece toilets
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 B500059 Fill Valve (Ballcock) - 9-3/4" - 14-1/4" Adjustable Height $26.77 Enter a quantity and
2 507BF74 Flush Valve - Replaced by Fluidmaster 507A $6.09 Enter a quantity and
Flush Valve - Replaced by Fluidmaster 507AK INCLUDES Tank to Bowl Gasket, & Brass Tank/Bowl Bolt Set - for tanks 4400, #4404, #4411, #4460 $14.44 Enter a quantity and
3 B351304 Replacement Flapper with Chain $14.18 Enter a quantity and
4 B351302 Trip Lever Handle with Metal Arm - Chrome $20.20 Enter a quantity and
5 B351461 Tank to Bowl Gasket $7.56 Enter a quantity and
6 B351312 Vacuum System Seal Gasket $6.43 Enter a quantity and
7 B321603 Replacement Parts Bag Assembly $3.26 Enter a quantity and
8 B351867 Vacuum Inner Liner Tank Seal Discontinued
Please note: The liner & jug for the vacuum system (Part #s B351311 / B351300) have been discontinued and are no longer available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are the plastic components for the Vacuity system available?"
A. Unfortunately, Briggs has discontinued both plastic components of the Vacuity system: #B351311 vacuum jug and #B351310 vacuum liner.

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