Vic's Victorian Toilet made in Holland

1912 Victorian toilet
model "Rotterdam" (Holland) - manufactured by Brown-Westhead, Moore
Our Founder - Vic owns this antique toilet
it has special meanings to him as he was born in Holland
as well as toilets and plumbing have been a large part of his life

Vic potty 1  Vic potty 2
Both sides of the commode

Vic potty 3  Vic potty 4

Some of the graphics more closely detailed
Vic potty 5

Inside the commode
Vic potty 7  Vic potty 6

Back of the commode
Vic potty 8

Vic says, "this toilet is not for sale."

Below are pictures of a sink that were sent by a customer (named Marc). The sink came from French Chateau in Grenoble that was built in 1898. The sink is believed to have been original to the Chateau so it dates to the 1898 period (and is very typical of the style of the era, Asian Pheasant motifs).

The porcelain sink is clearly marked E.P. and the waste valve says E. Porcher of Paris France. The sink has the same polychrome transfer as the toilet. This sink also has the Cauldon mark. Cauldon is a mark that was used before and after the turn of the century and was used by companies that are today part of the Wedgwood group (Brown-Westhead, Moore also evolved over time to be part of the Wedgwood group).

Marc also told us that: "I would think that your toilet was made in England closer to the turn-of-the-century. 'Rotterdam' is the pattern name and it was probably and export item to the continent (but this is speculative). Staffordshire was know for its transfer patterns and they were used for years on a variety of different items. Your toilet, like our sink, has an ink transfer under the glaze and then the transfer was hand painted (there may be a painter's mark on your toilet--so that the painter would be paid for their efforts). Both of these items are rare--few Victorian sinks or toilets had transfer patterns, fewer still were polychromed or painted under glaze, and fewer still have animal motifs (birds are not the best but they are pretty darn good). I was thrilled to see your toilet (it is a real treasure)."

Vic victorian sink Vic victorian sink details Vic victorian sink details bird

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