Classic Series Toilet Repair Parts
by Crane Plumbing

Crane Plumbing's Classic series toilets offer you a traditional look - ideal for vintage décor or Victorian homes - that can be difficult to replace. Save yourself the search and simply repair your old Classic toilet. With a variety of quality "will fit" replacement parts, we've got everything you'll need to get your Crane toilet usable again.

Crane Classic toilet

Replacement Parts for Crane Classic Toilets
Tanks # 3436 (Classic) & 31822 (Classic III)
Models # 3437, 3438, 3439 (Classic) & 31512 (Classic III)

The original Classic toilet uses a 2" flush valve & flapper, while the re-designed Classic III uses a 3" flush valve & flapper

Parts diagram for Crane Classic toilets

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 400A "Will Fit" Fluidmaster Fill Valve - adjustable 9" to 14", float rod/ball NOT needed - Replaces old part #'s P030187 (for 3436) / P030744 (for 31822) $16.62
2 87 "Will Fit" 2-Inch Flush Valve - 10-1/2" tall, may need to be cut down to height of original valve (altered valves are non-returnable) - Replaces old part # P030195 (for 3436) $14.99
3 53372 "Will Fit" 2-Inch Flapper & Chain - Replaces old part # P030755 for P030195 valve $7.65
2001 2-Inch Flapper & Chain - for "will fit" #87 valve $4.17
4 540AKR "Will Fit" 3-Inch Flush Valve - adjustable overflow 5-9/16" to 8", comes complete with tank-to-bowl gasket & mounting kit - Replaces old part # P030247 (for 31822) $18.18
5 5403 "Will Fit" 3-Inch Adjustable Flapper & Chain - fits "will fit" #540AKR valve, replaces old part # P030752 for P030247 valve $16.24
6 P030343 OEM Front Mount Trip Lever - Chrome - for 3436 & 31822 Discontinued
T0133 "Will Fit" Adjustable Front Mount Trip Lever - may need to be cut or bent to fit flush valve angle (altered levers are non-returnable) - view installation instructions
7 WA75 "Will Fit" Recessed Tank to Bowl Gasket - 3-1/2" O.D. x 2 1/8" I.D. x 1-1/8" thick $4.39
300 "Will Fit" 3-Inch Tank to Bowl Gasket - for 31822 ONLY - view dimensions $6.67
8 V-33 "Will Fit" Solid Brass Tank to Bowl Bolts (pair) $6.27
SS-TBB "Will Fit" Stainless Steel Tank to Bowl Bolts (pair) $6.39
9 Caps Toilet Bolt Caps (2) - White (view more color options) $8.07
10 200TC Quality Bemis "Will Fit" Round Toilet Seat - Crane White (view more color options) $137.30
1200TC Quality Bemis "Will Fit" Elongated Toilet Seat - Crane White (view more color options) $146.15

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "My Crane toilet model number shows up as an American Standard/Universal Rundle toilet when I search the Internet. Are you sure these are the right parts? Most of them say 'will fit'..."
A. Crane Plumbing has a very complex history, and it's very possible that your toilet was in fact manufactured by either American Standard or Universal Rundle, depending on when it was made. When looking for parts for a Crane or Universal Rundle toilet, we always recommend trying to find a date stamp that can tell you when your toilet was manufactured. In the 1990's, Crane Plumbing purchased Universal-Rundle Corp. and continued to manufacture many of their toilet models under the URC label, but the internal components (i.e., flush valves, flappers, trip levers, etc.) of many were notably different. In 2008, Crane was acquired by American Standard - who then continued to manufacture select Crane toilet models, but chose not to continue certain lines or provide parts/support for many of the older Crane/URC models.

Because Crane has been under American Standard Brands for some time now, OEM parts are often difficult to find. Many of the parts we offer for Crane toilets are considered "will fit" - a part that is not made by the original manufacturer, but will fit and function like the original part. While we have done our best to find you these "will fit" replacement parts, please be aware that they may not be appropriate for every situation or for every toilet with this same model number. This is simply a convenience we offer to our customers to aid them in finding repair parts for their Crane toilets. We strongly encourage you to compare the pictures and dimensions provided with your existing parts prior to purchasing, in order to ensure a good match and proper function. Please note that we cannot accept returns for toilet seats or for modified (cut, bent, etc.) parts, and any returns are subject to our returns policy.

Q. "When I search for a Crane model number, more than one toilet series comes up - how do I know which one to choose?"
A. When searching for replacement parts for your toilet, it is most important to find the TANK number to ensure the parts are a good match. Crane tended to take a "mix & match" approach to their toilet models, and so you will often see the same tank used on a variety of bowl styles. We include pictures of various toilet styles on our site so that those who cannot find or read the tank number in their toilet can still find parts.

If you already know your tank number, feel free to choose whichever series you feel looks most similar to your toilet and use the parts specified for that TANK number. Because of Crane's unique "mix & match" system, as long as your tank number matches, you should be good to go even if the bowl doesn't look exactly the same. As always, though, we encourage you to compare any type of "will fit" toilet part with your existing parts prior to purchasing to ensure you're getting the correct item.

Q. "How do I install the T0133 'Will Fit' adjustable front mount trip levers?"
tank lever instructions for old fashioned dual purpose front or side mount
IMPORTANT: DO NOT attempt to remove the screw on the back of the arm. It is not meant to be removed and may break the handle if attempted.
1) Determine if this tank lever will be used for side mounting or front mounting. For side mounting, adjust the tank arm by unloosening the phillps head arm adjustment screw on the arm and moving the arm to the desired position.
2) Unscrew the set screw from the handle lever assembly using the allen wrench provided. Do not remove the set screw completely, just enough to free the handle lever assembly. The set screw is extremely small and easily lost.
3) Pull the handle lever assembly off of the stem that slides through the brass mount and the handle base.
4) Slide the stem connected to the arm out of the brass mount and handle base.
5) Unthread the brass mount/arm stops off of the handle base. The handle base has left hand threads so to remove the brass mount/arm stops you will need to unthread it using a clockwise rotation.
6) Now that the handle base and brass mount are separated, slide the handle base threaded post into the hole on the front of the tank.
7) Holding the handle base in place with one hand, use the other hand to thread the brass mount/arm stop on to the handle base. Use a counter-clockwise rotation since the handle base has left hand threads. You will need to make sure the arm stops are positioned so the arm will rest horizontally when tightened in place. If the handle base and brass mount/arm stops need to be tightend more than hand tight, then use a crescent wrench on the two flat edges on the handle base to tighten the handle base ever so slightly. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN - over tightening can easily crack the tank
8) Once the handle base and brass mount/arm stop are tightened to the tank then slide the stem through the brass mount/arm stops from inside the tank so the handle lever assembly can be attached to the stem on the front outside of the tank. Adjust the handle lever assembly to be in the position you wish it to be. Check to make sure the flat brass arm is aligned correctly. It can be adjusted towards the front or back of the tank by adjusting the phillips head screw on the arm.
9) Using the allen wrench provided tighten the handle lever assembly onto the stem.
10) Test the movement of the lever to make sure it is properly aligned.
11) Attach the flapper chain and test with a flush.
12) Make any adjustment as needed.

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