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Eljer Toilet Tank Levers

Tired of your old, worn-out or broken flush lever? Help get the most out of your Eljer
toilet and replace that flush lever with a brand new one!

Side Mount Eljer Trip Levers

Eljer toilet tank lever

Eljer toilet tank lever face
This toilet trip lever features:

Tank Lever for Eljer Toilets - Model J-936 -

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This Eljer trip lever features:

Eljer 495-2704 Side Mount Lever - Chrome = $13.98

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Chrome trip lever
This Eljer toilet tank lever features:
  • Sturdy brass arm with metal face (Note: Arm design may vary in angle of the bend. Both styles will work.)
  • Designed for side mount installation
  • Available in white and natural finish
  • For #495-2778-00 Chrome finish, please see #J-904 in the section below
  • Fits Eljer Titan toilets
  • View trip lever dimensions

For more finish options, see "will fit" replacement J-904 below

Eljer 495-2777 -

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image of the American Standard 738903-0020A trip lever fits some Eljer toilets
  • Fits Eljer Diplomat models 091-0160, 091-0161, 091-3275, 091-3276 & 091-3925

Eljer #738903 Trip Lever - Chrome = $27.46

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Trip Lever J-904 - Alternate Replacement For 495-2777 / 495-2778 Shown Above

ToTo Tank Lever
Toto Toilet Trip Lever

Features brass arm - Available in a variety of finishes and powder coats
View J-904 dimensions

Side Mount Toilet Trip Lever J-904 -

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Front Mount Eljer Toilet Tank Levers

  • Front mount - available for left or right hand side
  • Left hand side mount available in chrome, polished brass, white or bone color
  • Right hand side mount available in chrome and white color
  • Fits Eljer Belmont toilets
  • Corrosion resistant plastic handle and arm

Eljer 047192 Left Side Trip Lever -

Eljer 738171 Right Side Trip Lever -

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Eljer trip lever 495-2701-00
Eljer toilet trip lever #495-2701 features:

Eljer 495-2701 Toilet Tank Lever - Chrome = $9.79

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Eljer white trip lever 495-2120-00
Eljer tank lever #495-2120 features:

Eljer 495-2120 Toilet Trip Lever - White = $12.93

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Eljer trip lever 495-1965-00
Eljer toilet lever #495-1965 features:

"Will-Fit" for Eljer 495-1965 Toilet Trip Lever - Chrome = $12.72

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Image of Eljer trip lever
Eljer toilet lever #495-2747 features:

"Will Fit" for Eljer 495-2747 Toilet Trip Lever -

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Eljer trip lever
Eljer toilet lever #495-2743 features:

"Will-Fit" for Eljer 495-2743 Trip Lever - Chrome = $4.35

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Push Button Toilet Tank Levers

push button actuator
Eljer push button actuator features:

Eljer 596-0215 Push Button Lever - Chrome = $44.29

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do I tell what type of toilet trip lever I have?"
A. To determine what type of trip lever you have, you will need to note where the trip lever is mounted on the outside, then open the toilet tank and see how it is mounted, and how it is angled towards the flush valve. Once you have determined how your trip lever is installed in relation to the tank and flush valve, you should be able to select a trip lever from our extensive offerings.

Q. "How do I tell what type of mount my trip lever is?"
A. There are several ways trip levers are mounted; the style will depend on the manufacturer's shape of the tank, and the location of the flush valve. The styles are angle mount, side mount, front mount, right-hand mount, and offset. The angle mount typically has a 45° angle in the arm so that it can reach the flush valve located near the center of the tank. The side mount trip lever is for toilets that need a trip lever on the left side of the toilet tank (when standing and facing the toilet). Front mount toilets are one of the more common styles, and are mounted on the left/front of the tank (unless it is noted as "right hand mount"). Right hand mount is located on the right/front side of the tank. The offset trip lever has a long arm, and is angled to work around a less commonly angled tank shape.

Q. "What are the trip levers made of?"
A. Some trip levers have a metal handle and brass arm; however, as more and more homeowners opt to replace parts themselves, plastic replacement trip levers have become more readily available as a less expensive alternative. The metal trip levers are of superior quality when compared to plastic, and will far outlast them. Unfortunately, plastic trip levers are more likely to deteriorate than the all metal ones, making replacement more likely, more often.

Customer Testimonials

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- Mike Yamamoto, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822-1316

"Easy to navigate your site... Also, really appreciate the tips on how and where to find the identification of my toilet... Very fair price for the part I ordered."
- Ron Husted, Newton, Iowa 50208-3960

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