Blaze Series Toilet Repair Parts

by Gerber

With a classic design and clean lines, the Blaze toilet is worth repairing instead of replacing. Whatever you're looking for, from flush valves and flappers to a new tank lever or just a replacement gasket, we've got everything you need to fix leaks, repair broken components, and get your Gerber Blaze toilet in top-notch working condition again.
Gerber Blaze two-piece toiletTank #28-187

Replacement Parts for Gerber Blaze Toilets
Two Piece Model #20-023 - Tank #28-187

Parts diagram for Blaze toilets - tank #28-187
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 99-300 Fill Valve $25.06 Enter a quantity and
2 385 Fill Valve Cap Assembly Repair Kit - includes diaphragm and float lever fulcrum $5.87 Enter a quantity and
3 218 Refill Tube & Angle Adapter $4.67 Enter a quantity and
4 99-002 Flush Valve - includes flapper and chain Discontinued
GA-712002 Flush Valve - includes flapper and chain $26.09 Enter a quantity and
5 99-788 Flapper with Chain $10.37 Enter a quantity and
6 99-685 Side Mount Toilet Tank Lever - Chrome $26.03
99-685WH Side Mount Toilet Tank Lever - White $26.09 Enter a quantity and
7 99-660 Tank Assembly Kit - includes tank gasket, bolts, washers, and nuts $12.80 Enter a quantity and
8 WF3 "Will Fit" Tank Gasket ONLY $8.87 Enter a quantity and
9 "Will Fit" Toilet Bowl Bolt Caps (2) - White (view more color options) $2.99 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown 200E3 Quality Bemis "Will Fit" Round Toilet Seat - White (view more color options) $60.56
1200E3 Quality Bemis "Will Fit" Elongated Toilet Seat - White (view more color options) $67.91 Enter a quantity and

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How can I find the model number of my Gerber toilet?"
A. Look inside your tank. Always exercise caution when removing the tank lid, as it is fragile and can be easily broken if stepped on or dropped. Look inside the tank starting with the back wall - for non-pressure assist models, the model number will be painted just above the waterline (example below left). For pressure assist tanks, the number will be closer to the top of the tank (example below right). Please note that due to safety concerns with pressure assist toilets, we choose not to offer parts for these models.

How to find your Gerber toilet model number

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