Dual Flush Toilet Conversion Kits

Quickly & easily turn your standard 1.6gpf toilet into a water-saving dual flush!

Worried about water conservation but don't have the time or money to upgrade to a brand new toilet? Here's your solution! These innovative dual flush valve conversion kits fit right onto your existing 2" flush valve so you can turn your 1.6 gallons per flush toilet into a water-saving toilet in just minutes.

Dual flush conversion kit with fill valve
This toilet conversion kit features:
  • Easily convert your 1.6gpf toilet to a dual flush, water-efficient toilet
  • Adjustable flow maximizes your water savings without sacrificing flushing performance - simply turn the dials on top until you get the best flush
  • Fits right on top of your existing 2" flush valve for quick installation by a DIY'er - no need to take the tank off
  • Unique, clearly marked dual action handle allows you to flush UP for a half flush or DOWN for a full flush
  • Includes seat adapters for brass or angled flush valves
  • View dual flush valve dimensions
  • View PerforMAX fill valve dimensions
Please note: This retrofit kit is NOT compatible with 1.28gpf toilets, one-piece toilets with tanks less than 8" tall, 3" flush valves, Kohler side mount valves, canister flush valve, tank lid pull trip assemblies or Mansfield flapper-less flush valves
Fluidmaster Duo Flush Toilet Conversion Kit - WITH PerforMAX Fill Valve - $36.79
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I have a ballcock style fill valve with a float ball and rod. Will this kit still work for me?"
A. Because of the way the dual flush valve fits over your existing flush valve, there isn't room in the tank for both the dual flush valve and a ballcock style fill valve. We recommend purchasing the complete kit with fill valve and replacing your fill valve with the PerforMAX at the same time you install the Duo Flush valve.

Q. "I installed my new dual flush valve according to the directions, but I still have parts left over..."
A. Depending on what style flush valve you currently have and whether or not you're using the PerforMAX fill valve, you will have parts left over. Both kits include an angled seat adapter for angled flush valves, a brass seat adapter for brass flush valves, an overflow tube and an overflow clip. If you have a straight flush valve and don't use the PerforMAX fill valve, all four of these parts will be left over - which is perfectly normal.

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