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Dual Flush Electronic Flushometers

The New Standard In Water Efficiency
By Sloan

Looking for an easy, yet effective way to conserve water? The Dual Flush Electronic Flushometer by Sloan provides a simple and reliable method of reducing the amount of water used when the toilet is flushed, yet provides enough water to effectively keep the bowl rinsed clean.

Water Conserving Electronic Flushometers With Dual Flush
Sloan #ECOS Sensor Operated Dual Flushing Valve For Toilets

The new Sloan ECOS dual-flush flushometer is the first electronic valve of its kind. Advanced sensor technology allows for hands-free operation while delivering water-saving dual-flush performance. These flushometers don't just save water they also promote personal hygiene with the touchless sensor which eliminates the need for the user to come in contact with the unit.

Image of Model 8111-1.6/1.1
This water conserving electronic flushometers features:
  • ADA Compliant - battery powered infrared sensor for automatic "hands-free operation"
  • If the user is present for less than one minute or chooses the small override button, a reduced flush initiates eliminating liquid and paper waste, saving 1/2 gallon of water - that's a 30% water savings when a reduced flush occurs
  • Rubber diaphragm with vortex cleansing action
  • Courtesy override flush button
  • Flex tube diaphragm - designed to extend the life of the flushometer
  • Four (4) size AA batteries factory installed
  • Spud coupling and flange for 1 1/2" Top Spud
  • 3 year battery life at 4,000 flushes a month
  • "Low battery" flashing LED
  • 22" - 42" adjustable sensor
  • Operating pressure: 15 - 100 psi
  • Sentinel flush: once every 72 hours after the last flush
  • This flushometer is made from a high level of recycled material and is 100% recyclable
  • 100% of the energy used in manufacturing is offset with renewable energy sources - wind energy
  • All of the flushometers below are Buy American Act compliant Buy American Act Compliant

Description Price & Quantity
Exposed Wall or Floor Mount - Height 16-1/2" $433.57
Exposed Wall or Floor Mount - Height 21"  N/A 
Exposed Wall or Floor Mount - Height 29"  N/A 
Retrofit Conversion Kit for Exposed Closet Flushometers $324.30

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How does this flush valve operate? How is it hands free and how does it conserve water?"
A.A continuous, invisible light beam is emitted from the dual flush sensor. Once a user is detected, if the user leaves in 65 seconds or less, a flush will automatically initiate. As the user enters the beam's effective range, 22 to 42 inches, the beam is reflected into the scanner window to activate the output circuit. Once activated, the output circuit continues in a "hold" mode for as long as the user remains within the effective range of the sensor. If the user stays longer than 65 seconds, a full flush will automatically initiate when the user leaves. The circuit automatically resets and is ready for the next user.

Sloan electronic dual flush valve operation example
Operation example Sloan dual flush valve
Electronic dual flush valve operation example

Q. "What does it mean that a product is compliant with the Buy American Act (BAA) or with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)? Are these products manufactured in the USA?"
A. The Buy American Act is a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 intended to help stimulate the United States' economy through the purchase of American-made goods. While the Buy American Act portion of the bill primarily regulates government spending, the regulations can help guide conscious consumers who wish to purchase American-made products. In general, an item that meets the requirements of the Buy American Act is assembled in the US and at least 50% of its components are domestically produced. While every single component of these products may not be produced in the US, a large portion are - and that portion is helping our American economy to grow and thrive.

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