Old-Fashioned Style Trip Levers

Find old-fashioned toilet tank levers for your Victorian bathroom

Add to the nostalgia and charm of your bathroom with one of our old-fashioned style toilet trip levers. Their solid brass construction guarantees you durability for years to come, while the variety of finishes means you can find one to match almost any Victorian or vintage style decor.
Old fashioned style trip lever
Brushed Nickel - Adjusted For Front Mount
These vintage style trip levers feature:
  • Fully adjustable to fit front or side mount toilets
  • Left hand or right hand versatility
  • Sturdy 8" brass arm with solid metal handle
  • Designed for tanks with square mounting holes
  • Available in a variety of finishes
  • Includes chain clip
  • Comes with allen wrench for easy adjustment
  • View adjustment and installation instructions
Finish Price & Quantity
Chrome $35.03
Brushed Nickel $43.02
Oil-Rubbed Bronze $42.83
Old World Bronze $43.02
Pearl Nickel $41.24

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do I tell what type of toilet trip lever I have?"
A. To determine what type of trip lever you have, you will need to note where the trip lever is mounted on the outside, then open the toilet tank and see how it is mounted, and how it is angled towards the flush valve. Once you have determined how your trip lever is installed in relation to the tank and flush valve, you should be able to select a trip lever from our extensive offerings.

Q. "How do I tell what type of mount my trip lever is?"
A. There are several ways trip levers are mounted; the style will depend on the manufacturer's shape of the tank, and the location of the flush valve. The styles are angle mount, side mount, front mount, right-hand mount, and offset. The angle mount typically has a 45° angle in the arm so that it can reach the flush valve located near the center of the tank. The side mount trip lever is for toilets that need a trip lever on the left side of the toilet tank (when standing and facing the toilet). Front mount toilets are one of the more common styles, and are mounted on the left/front of the tank (unless it is noted as "right hand mount"). Right hand mount is located on the right/front side of the tank. The offset trip lever has a long arm, and is angled to work around a less commonly angled tank shape.

Q. "What are the trip levers made of?"
A. Some trip levers have a metal handle and brass arm; however, as more and more homeowners opt to replace parts themselves, plastic replacement trip levers have become more readily available as a less expensive alternative. The metal trip levers are of superior quality when compared to plastic, and will far outlast them. Unfortunately, plastic trip levers are more likely to deteriorate than the all metal ones, making replacement more likely, more often. The metal trip levers offered here provide you with a great value in addition to their stylish vintage design.

Q. "What is a 'supercoat' finish?"
A. Supercoat refers to a 2-part epoxy finish that is applied electrostatically and then baked onto the brass. Unlike former days when polished brass required extensive maintenance to avoid tarnishing or dulling of the finish, supercoat brass items need fairly little maintenance to retain their beautiful shine. Simply wipe your supercoat polished brass fixtures gently with a soft cloth after each use. Avoid the use of plumber's putty, detergents, or abrasive cleaners as these may cause deterioration of the coating.

Q. "How do I install the old-fashioned adjustable trip levers?"
tank lever instructions for old fashioned dual purpose front or side mount
IMPORTANT: DO NOT attempt to remove the screw on the back of the arm. It is not meant to be removed and may break the handle if attempted.
1) Determine if this tank lever will be used for side mounting or front mounting. For side mounting, adjust the tank arm by unloosening the phillps head arm adjustment screw on the arm and moving the arm to the desired position.
2) Unscrew the set screw from the handle lever assembly using the allen wrench provided. Do not remove the set screw completely, just enough to free the handle lever assembly. The set screw is extremely small and easily lost.
3) Pull the handle lever assembly off of the stem that slides through the brass mount and the handle base.
4) Slide the stem connected to the arm out of the brass mount and handle base.
5) Unthread the brass mount/arm stops off of the handle base. The handle base has left hand threads so to remove the brass mount/arm stops you will need to unthread it using a clockwise rotation.
6) Now that the handle base and brass mount are separated, slide the handle base threaded post into the hole on the front of the tank.
7) Holding the handle base in place with one hand, use the other hand to thread the brass mount/arm stop on to the handle base. Use a counter-clockwise rotation since the handle base has left hand threads. You will need to make sure the arm stops are positioned so the arm will rest horizontally when tightened in place. If the handle base and brass mount/arm stops need to be tightend more than hand tight, then use a crescent wrench on the two flat edges on the handle base to tighten the handle base ever so slightly. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN - over tightening can easily crack the tank
8) Once the handle base and brass mount/arm stop are tightened to the tank then slide the stem through the brass mount/arm stops from inside the tank so the handle lever assembly can be attached to the stem on the front outside of the tank. Adjust the handle lever assembly to be in the position you wish it to be. Check to make sure the flat brass arm is aligned correctly. It can be adjusted towards the front or back of the tank by adjusting the phillips head screw on the arm.
9) Using the allen wrench provided tighten the handle lever assembly onto the stem.
10) Test the movement of the lever to make sure it is properly aligned.
11) Attach the flapper chain and test with a flush.
12) Make any adjustment as needed.

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