Abingdon III Toilet Repair Parts

by Briggs

The beautiful rounded design of the Abingdon III two-piece toilet is perfect for any newly remodeled or existing home bathroom. Get your Abingdon III toilet running like new again by replacing a broken fill valve, cracked flapper, leaky flush valve or rusty bolts. PlumbingSupply.com® has the parts you need to make this happen.
Briggs Abingdon III
Abingdon III
Tank #4438

Replacement Parts for Briggs Abingdon III Toilet
Toilet Model Proflo #PF3312 - Tank Model - #4438

Parts diagram for Abingdon III toilet
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 7469 Toilet Tank Lid (Brand new) - Bone Color $143.09
Toilet Tank Lid (Used) - White Color $126.78
2 BA1260 Toilet Fill Valve $22.15
3 B351214 Flush Valve with Flapper $16.97
4 B5173 Flapper $12.44
5 B357105 Chrome Lever Handle $15.94
6 B357102 White Lever Handle $13.04
7 B357104 Bone Lever Handle $13.04
8 B500058 Polished Brass Lever Handle $26.93
9 B351461 Tank to Bowl Gasket $7.56
10 B321603 Parts Bag Assembly - Bag A $3.26

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