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The Premier Online Plumbing Supplier Since 1995

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal,
and American Express
We accept most major credit cards and Paypal

We guarantee your privacy and the security of your transaction with us.
Orders are encrypted (information is scrambled and not readable by humans) for your protection.

Which is safer? Compare shopping locally and handing your credit card to a person versus shopping online with us at®. With us, when you enter your credit card numbers in our secure shopping cart it is sent to us encrypted and automated. Our employees can't see your exact credit card numbers that you are sending.Locally, when you hand your credit card to the salesperson they can see your credit card numbers and who knows what can happen with your numbers.

We'll never misuse the information you provide us period!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "When I use my credit card at your site, are my credit card numbers (and information) safe and protected?"
A. Yes. We guarantee it. We have taken many steps to ensure the security of your transaction.

It starts with us having honest employees and taking safety measures at our location. No matter how secure a site (or local store) can be, if their employees are taking your credit card numbers home and selling (or using) your name and credit card then you will experience time wasted (and anxiety) having to deal with your credit card company.

Consider that when you give your credit card to a food server or gas station attendant (or any store for that matter) your credit card numbers security is breached.
The same thing when you write your credit card numbers on your check when you pay your credit card bill and so on. We have a very honest team and we have done all that we can (and will continue to do so), to guard and protect your credit card information from being taken from our site.

Some of the safety factors that we use involve adopting industry standards. For example, the secure connection (SSL) between your browser and sensitive portions of our secure order form uses industry standard encryption. Also, once you've placed your order it is encrypted and transmitted to our location.

We take security very seriously.® complies with the strongest identity authentication standard available today by utilizing an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. A unique and highly visible green address bar will display in the latest high-security browsers in the secure portion of our shopping cart (where you input your personal information). This bar immediately helps assure you that® is an authenticated web site. Additionally, a green security bar highlights our name and also includes a notation next to the address bar that our organization is certified by Comodo. The green address bar and security bar helps you know that® is a legitimate Web site and that your transaction will be secure.

To show and prove our faith in your credit card safety, we guarantee it. There is no risk, period. If any fraud happens to your card due to using our site, we will make sure that you owe nothing to your credit card company.

Our goal is to enable you to make transactions with confidence at our site.

Since PlumbingSupply Group, LLC began in 1995, there has never been a case of fraud reported by one of our customers as a result of credit card purchases made here. No customer of ours has ever lost a dime due to fraud as a result of credit card purchases made from us.

We do not sell your name, address, phone number or any other information about you.

Q. "After I gave you my credit card number you then asked me for my 'security confirmation numbers (verification code).' I've never heard of this and no one has ever asked me before? Why do you ask for this as it seems like a waste of my time?"
A. To protect you (and ourselves) from credit card fraud we use the latest in fraud protection methods. That includes asking for the code that is shown on your credit card. Many merchants do not use this system yet but they all will eventually. We use it to prevent fraud which keeps our prices lowest.

Q. "Why do you charge my credit card even if it takes a week to ship?"
A. We do hold your funds on special orders and back orders as a deposit on the goods until the product ships. If some situation comes up that results in us not being able to proceed with your order we will issue the proper credit back to you using the same method that you originally paid us with.

Q. "Do you accept credit cards that are issued outside of the United States?"
A. The issuing companies of Non-US issued credit cards do not support OUR credit card verification system and we are unable to process funds at all. Your credit card issuer may pre-authorize the funds (these will post back to your account shortly, or you can request that the credit card company do so immediately), but our system does not allow us access to them. Even when the card has been used elsewhere in the U.S., our verification system is unable to proceed due to our higher level of fraud protection - for our customers and us. All methods of payment we accept must be drawn on a U.S. bank.

Let us repeat: We guarantee your credit card transaction on our site. Period!

We will pay for any loss that you would have using your credit card at® due to fraud. Period!

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