Hard To Find WasteKing Parts

for disposers made by Anaheim Mfg.

If you are looking for those hard to find parts to fix your WasteKing disposer, your search just ended. You'll find a huge selection of replacement and repair parts here on PlumbingSupply.com®! Whether you need hush cushions or flanges, stopper seals or endbell assemblies, we've got what you're looking for. In addition to offering repair parts for garbage disposers, we also offer brand new disposers by WasteKing & WasteMaid PRO.

If your Waste King was manufactured prior to 1996, these parts may not fit your disposer - read further

(Sink Flange)
(Splash Guard Adapter)
Part # Description Price & Quantity
1028-KIT Locktop Stopper $8.29 Enter a quantity and
1030-KIT EZ Mount Sink Flange Assembly Kit - Chrome - plain flange WITH Basic Stopper and Splash Guard - Includes: plain flange, basic stopper, splash guard, rubber flange gasket, waxed fiber gasket, threaded support ring, mount ring and cushion ring $22.69 Enter a quantity and
3101 3-Bolt Mount Sink Flange Adapter to EZ Mount Disposer - converts existing 3-bolt flange to EZ mount disposer without sink flange removal $19.95 Enter a quantity and
3157AMC 3-Bolt Sink Flange Assembly Kit - Plain flange WITH deluxe chrome stopper
Includes: plain flange, deluxe stopper, support ring, mount ring, 3 bolts, thin gasket, screw clamp and hush cushion / splash guard combination
01-13-503 Splash Guard Discontinued Enter a quantity and
01-13-731 Sink Flange - for 3 bolt installation - plain flange
- view this Sink flange and stopper in designer finishes
01-17-528 SS Waste King Sink Flange Replacement Kit - Includes flange and stopper (less hush cushion clamp)
- these have been replaced by plain flange assemblies
use item
0111741S01 3-Bolt Sink Flange Assembly - Flange is stamped "Waste King" - these have been replaced by plain flange assemblies use item
0113731S01 3-Bolt Sink Flange Assembly - Includes: plain flange, mount ring, support ring, 3 screws, thin gasket, hush cushion / splash guard combination- stopper and hush cushion clamp sold separately below - these have been replaced by complete plain flange assembly use item
00-80-098 Deluxe Chrome Stopper for #0113731S01
- Replaced by "will fit"
$12.27 Enter a quantity and
142C009P01 Hush Cushion Clamp for #0113731S01 $3.36 Enter a quantity and
249C014S01 Sink Flange - Plain use item
249C014S02 Sink Flange - Whirlaway use item
249C018P01 Sink Flange Adapter use item
249C019S101 Sink Flange Assembly use item
249C019S242 Sink Flange Assembly - WK Legend use item
249C019S82 Sink Flange Assembly - Whirlaway use item
249C024S01 Sink Flange Assembly - Apart Pack $15.31 Enter a quantity and
027C028S04 Service Turntable Assembly Discontinued
027C029S01 Brush / Spring Replacement Kit - Narrow $3.31 Enter a quantity and
09-01-117 1/4-20" x 1" Screw Hex $1.17 Enter a quantity and
09-01-270 Plastic Jam Nut $1.16 Enter a quantity and
09-01-365 Washer Slip Joint - 1-1/2" $1.17 Enter a quantity and
154C005S02 Collar Assembly - Locktop - PM2A Discontinued
154C005S09 Collar Assembly - Locktop - PM2 $31.56 Enter a quantity and
154C005S10 Collar Assembly - Locktop - PM4 $35.67 Enter a quantity and
154C008S01 Collar Assembly - Locktop - BF - 3BMT $35.57 Enter a quantity and
154C008S09 Collar Assembly - BF - 3BMT - PM2 $35.88 Enter a quantity and
174C047P01 Stopper Seal $3.33 Enter a quantity and
174C049S01 Stopper Assembly - Polished Discontinued
174C054P01 Stopper Seal - Plumb Goodie $0.90 Enter a quantity and
Sink Flanges and Stoppers available in Designer Finishes

burnished mounting ring adapter614C061P02
(Mounting Ring Adapter)
Hex Nut 479C008P01479C008P01
(Hex Nut)
Part # Description Price & Quantity
269C024P01 Elbow Gasket $0.91 Enter a quantity and
269C038P01 Outlet Gasket $2.59 Enter a quantity and
308H001P04 Hose Dispenser - 3/8" ID x 20" $29.69 Enter a quantity and
311C077S01 Hopper Assembly - Short Plastic Discontinued
311C080S02 Drain HSG Assembly - S. S. Discontinued
311C081S01 Endbell Assembly - 1/3HP - 120V Discontinued
311C081S02 Endbell Assembly - 1/2HP - 120V Discontinued
311C081S04 Endbell Assembly - 3/4HP - 120V Discontinued
311C081S10 Endbell Assembly - 1HP - 120V $17.12 Enter a quantity and
311C081S11 Service Endbell - 1/3HP - 120V $13.94 Enter a quantity and
311C081S12 Service Endbell - 1/2HP - 120V Discontinued
311C081S14 Service Endbell - 3/4HP - 120V $13.97 Enter a quantity and
311C081S81 Endbell Assembly - 3/4HP - 120V $10.89 Enter a quantity and
311C082S01 Drain Housing Assembly - PM2A, 3, 4 Discontinued
311C082P01 Drain Housing ONLY Discontinued
311C084S62 Service Endbell - 3/4 HP - PCPEF Discontinued
479C008P01 Hex Nut $1.17 Enter a quantity and
479C019P01 Hex Nut - 8-32 $1.18 Enter a quantity and
479C021P01 Inspection Plate Nut $0.57 Enter a quantity and
614C028P01 O-Ring - Locktop $0.30 Enter a quantity and
614C060P01 Grind Ring Discontinued
614C061P02 Mounting Ring Adapter - Burnished $7.73 Enter a quantity and
614C068P01 Splash Guard Adapter Discontinued
614C070P01 Stopper Seal - Introduction Discontinued
614C070P02 Stopper Seal - for Batchfeed Locktop stopper Discontinued
USE 1028-KIT
614C071P01 Stopper Seal - PM2A, PM3 Discontinued
614C076P01 Stopper Seal - Locktop $1.17 Enter a quantity and
636C025P01 Screw 10-32 x 3/8" - U-Lock Discontinued
636C027P03 Screw 10-32 x 7/16" - ZN. PL. Ground $1.16 Enter a quantity and
633H003P01 Inlet Screen $6.46 Enter a quantity and

Lower Shell 806C043P03806C043P03
(Lower Shell)
Lower Shell 806C054P06806C054P06
(Lower Shell)
Part # Description Price & Quantity
636C014P18 Screw 6-19 x 1/2" $0.57 Enter a quantity and
636C023P01 Screw 10-9 x 1.0 Hopper $1.18 Enter a quantity and
636C026P01 Screw - Self Tap - 10-32 x 1/2" $1.23 Enter a quantity and
636C027P01 Screw - 10-32 x 3/8" - Green Ground $1.16 Enter a quantity and
636C029P01 Screw 8-11 - Short Shell $1.16 Enter a quantity and
673C015S01 Drain Elbow Assembly - Black Discontinued
726H001S01 Thermostat - 780 W Discontinued
806C043P03 Lower Shell - Short Discontinued Enter a quantity and
806C052P02 Lower Shell - Blue PM3 $4.57 Enter a quantity and
806C052P09 Lower Shell - Gourmet White PM3 $5.40 Enter a quantity and
806C054P06 Lower Shell - PM2A Gray $5.45 Enter a quantity and
806C054P09 Lower Shell - Gourmet White PM2A $5.41 Enter a quantity and
806C055P06 Upper Shell - Black $3.30 Enter a quantity and
806C055P13 Upper Shell - Gourmet White $3.34 Enter a quantity and
806C058P02 Lower Shell - Blue PM2L7 $5.43 Enter a quantity and
806C058P03 Lower Shell - Black PM2L7 $5.42 Enter a quantity and
806C058P05 Lower Shell - Gourmet White PM2L $5.43 Enter a quantity and
806C063P01 Lower Shell - White PM2AW Discontinued
806C064P02 Upper Shell - Black PM3W, 4W $4.54 Enter a quantity and
806C065P02 Lower Shell - Black PM3W Discontinued
806C066P01 Lower Shell - White PM4W Discontinued
806C066P02 Lower Shell - Black PM4W $5.41 Enter a quantity and
806C067P01 Upper Shell - White PM2LW Discontinued
806C068P01 Lower Shell - White PM2LW Discontinued

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I've heard that garbage disposer waste harms septic tanks. Any truth to that?"
A. We have yet to read any study that reflects that. Some cities have banned disposers, and then later changed their minds and allowed them, such as New York. From what we know, food disposer waste gets consumed by bacteria in sewage treatment plants and septic tanks, thus reducing the demand for both of these systems.

Q. "Should I be adding enzymes/bacteria to my disposer or septic tank whenever I use my disposer?"
A. Not in our opinion. There are even disposers that add enzymes every time you use that disposer. From what we have read, bacteria grow naturally after initially being introduced (mostly by nature) into septic tanks, and no additional enzymes/bacteria need to be introduced. From our perspective, adding additional enzymes/bacteria each time seems like a waste of money and resources. One additional note, our Founder wishes to encourage you to use composting and not throwing all wastes down your food disposers. Save the Planet and recycle as much as possible.

Q. "My garbage disposer smells! Is there anything that I can do besides buying a new one?"
A. Generally, the simple solution to this is to clean the disposer by having it grind up a few cups of ice and some table salt. This helps to cut the grease and slime off the sides of the disposer. Then, flush it out with cold water followed by half of a lemon or lime to deodorize.

Q. "I installed my new disposer into a stainless steel sink but the thin gasket I used that came with the disposer keeps the flange slightly raised above the inside of the sink. Small amounts of water do collect around the flange. Should I have used plumbers putty?"
A. Some disposal manufacturers recommend using the rubber gasket that comes with the disposer. However, other disposer manufacturers recommend using plumbers putty. We believe if the flange is properly installed using plumbers putty, the installation will provide a seal for a longer length of time than the rubber gasket. When a flange is installed with plumbers putty the putty will keep water from leaking through it. The plumbers putty will also stay pliable over time. As the sink is used water comes in contact with the plumbers putty which slowly absorbs into the putty. The water actually acts as a lubrication for the putty and helps keep it from drying out. This is why sink flanges installed with plumbers putty can function for 20 years or more without leaking. If the sink is not used for 4 months or longer the putty will begin drying out which will lead to leakage when the sink is again used. If you have more confidence in using the rubber gasket and can live with small amounts of water left in your sink, then by all means use the rubber gasket.

Q. "My Waste King disposer is over 20 years old. Will your parts still fit?"
A. These parts are designed to fit units manufactured after 1996. Anaheim Manufacturing redesigned their disposers in 1996. This resulted in the introduction of the EZ Mount system in place of the previous style of quick-mounting for their Waste King disposers. It also resulted in some changes to the "three bolt" style of mounting system. If you are unsure if your unit was manufactured before or after the redesign, units before the 1996 redesign had the reset switch located on the bottom of the unit, facing the floor.

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