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Heron looking at Vic's pondA Heron looking for Koi in Vic's pond
Vic's sister feeding koi pondOur founder Vic's sister feeding his koi

Our founders pond May 2002Vic's pond May 2002
10,000 gallon pond May 2002Vic's pond May 2002
Vic's pond May 2002more of Vic's pond May 2002

Wide Angle Float Switch - Very Reliable! - pump DOWN type

This float switch can be used to turn a circulating pond pump on when there is plenty of water in a filtration storage area and turns the pump off when the storage area has less water, thereby helping to protect the pump from burning out. These float switches are NOT NSF 61 Compliant

Float Switch
Wide angle float switch shown above.
Float is 2 1/2" x 3 3/8"


Pump-Down style - This float switch is a direct-acting, in-line control system for automatically controlling small pumps for ponds and water and sewage systems. The switch consists of one float, a cord with a piggyback plug, and one large mounting strap. This is a pump down style switch - this means the switch will turn on the electricity when the float is in the up position.
With its 120V (1/2 h.p. max) piggyback plug, the switch can also be used for other items; a light, a bell, etc. These do not contain mercury.
Rated for 15 amp continuous use.

10' Float Switch Pump Down with Piggy Back Plug = $40.70
20' Float Switch Pump Down with Piggy Back Plug = $47.00
50' Float Switch Pump Down with Piggy Back Plug = $77.37
100' Float Switch Pump Down with Piggy Back Plug = $73.15

Please note the 100' float switch has a lead time of 2-3 days to ship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are the pumps you offer on your website high quality pumps?"
A. Paying more or less for a pump does not necessarily indicate the quality of the pump. We have been selling Little Giant brand pumps since we started with complete customer satisfaction.

Q. "Concrete and Bentonite vs Liners?"
A. We prefer liners. With liners there are many different qualities and thicknesses. Ultra-Violet inhibited PVC liners are nice but nothing beats a top quality 45mil EPDM quality liner. We believe that a 45 mil EPDM liner is superior to either concrete or Bentonite.

Q. "Sizing of pumps, is it important?"
A. It is best that you buy the right sized pump. Try to determine how many gallons per hour you will need and how high you wish to pump it - add 20-25% and that should be a good indication as to what size of pump you will need.

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