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Delany flush valves are among the top commercial brands available today, providing dependable service whenever you need it. With readily available parts, you can maintain your Delany flush valve and keep it working properly for a lifetime. PlumbingSupply.com® is your source for Delany flush valves and repair parts. Looking for more Delany parts? Click here.

Delany Flushboy Exposed Flush Valves

Delany Flushboy Valve402
Delany Flushboy urinal valve451-1

These flush valves feature:
  • Polished chrome plated valve body with chloramine-resistant diaphragm
  • Externally adjustable with vandal-resistant capped screwdriver angle stop
  • ADA compliant metal "Rubberflex" oscillating handle
  • Includes ground joint tailpiece, vacuum breaker, wall flange, spud nut, and spud flange (3/4" urinal - 1-1/2" WC)
  • Toilet flush valves come with sweat adapter kit
  • Click here for a parts diagram of 3.5 gallon WC flushboy
  • Click here for a parts diagram of 1.6 gallon WC flushboy
  • Click here for a parts diagram of the Delany handle assembly

Model # Description Price & Quantity
F402-GJ (GJ same as T42) Flushboy Exposed Water Closet Valve - 4.5 gpf $178.69
F402-3-GJ (GJ same as T42) Flushboy Exposed Water Closet Valve - 3.5 gpf $196.19
F402-1.6-GJ (GJ same as T42) Flushboy Exposed Water Closet Valve - 1.6 gpf $187.86
F451-1-GJ Flushboy Exposed Urinal Valve - 1.25gpf $196.92

Note: T42 is the code # for Ground Joint (GJ) - T42 is the same as GJ

Please note: All flush valves have a 2 week approximate lead time.

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Delany Hydro-Flush Concealed Flush Valves
Wall mounted push button for 0 - 10" fixture wall thickness

Delany concealed hydraulic flush valve1223/1233
Delany concealed Empire flush valve1234

These water closet flush valves feature:
  • Concealed rough brass construction
  • Chloramine-resistant diaphragm
  • Various flush rates to accommodate your needs
  • Externally adjustable with 1" wheel handle angle stop and back-check
  • Push button actuator with finished face plate
  • Includes sweat adapter

Model # Description Price & Quantity
F1233,T42 Hydro-Flush Concealed Closet Valve - 4.5gpf $234.72
F1234-3,T42 Hydro-Flush Concealed Closet Valve - 3.5gpf $270.64
F1234-1.6,T42 Hydro-Flush Concealed Closet Valve - 1.6gpf $256.38
F1223,T42 Hydro-Flush Concealed Security Valve 4.5gpf $270.88

Please specify wall thickness (0"-10") in the comments section of your shopping cart (bottom of final step).

Please note: All flush valves have a 2 week approximate lead time.

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Delany Repair Parts

Model # Description Price & Quantity
60 Bonnet Washer $1.27
368 Operating stem 3-1/32" Discontinued
use #368A-K below
368A-K Includes Flexer #222-3 and Operating stem 3-1/32" #368 $10.35
427A Vacuum Breaker - Rubber Sleeve $6.59
F6 Auxiliary valve seat holder $11.89
F8 Auxiliary valve seat Discontinued
F16 Diaphragm Bushing Discontinued
F20 Auxiliary Valve $16.00
F28G Cover Packing Discontinued
F36 Handle only $24.55
F141ACQ Diaphragm Operating Assembly 1" - 4.5gal - turn to silence $83.43
F141-1.6ACQ Diaphragm Operating Assembly 1" - 1.6gal - turn to silence $79.72
F1413ACQ Diaphragm Operating Assembly 1" - 3.5 gal - supply water saver - turn to silence $83.56
F141-3KC Renewal kit 1" supply water saver - (contains F1413C & F8) Discontinued
F141-AU Diaphragm Operating Assembly - 3/4" Supply - replaced by F141-1AU (see below) Discontinued
F141-1AU Diaphragm Operating Assembly - 3/4" Supply - Low consumption $75.06
F141KC "Will Fit" Renewal kit 1" supply (contains F-141C & F8) - 1 gpf Discontinued
F141KU Renewal kit 3/4" supply urinal kit for flushboy (contains F141C & F8) - 1 gpf
(old number F141KU-1)
F180 Auxiliary Valve for FlushBoy models - (non-hold open) $17.60
P180 Auxiliary valve for PRESTO models (with non-hold-open feature) $16.49
F186 "Will Fit" Operating Stem (non-hold open) 1-13/16" Discontinued
F222-3 Flexer Discontinued
use #368A-K
F223-2 Operating Stem 1-7/8" Discontinued
F224 Handle Nut $23.21
F333A Handle Assembly (new-style) $49.34
F402-3-GJ Exposed Manual Flushboy Valve for 1-1/2" Top Spud Water Closet - 3.5 gpf (GJ same as T42) $196.19
426 Cowl Nut Discontinued

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